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Strong women, strange worlds

cover for Worlds ApartNew! Latest Release!


After the interstellar chaos of the past few weeks, Lina Starhart thinks she now has time to catch her breath and get used to the idea of not only being a bride but of being married to the galaxy’s most powerful man. But she has yet to learn what dangers the job includes.


It's my sixth novel!

Volume 4 of the THREE WORLDS series, WORLDS APART, is finally out, hooray! I'm working on getting it available on all the usual outlets, so please be patient. As they post, I'll add links.

After I get through all the publication minutiae, there's a Wonder Woman novel that I want to polish. You never know when DC Comics will come to their senses and join Kindle Worlds. As soon as that happens, that book will be there! Then I'll be finishing a stand-alone soft sci fi novel, Nothing Personal, that should come out (fingers crossed) around January, February, somewhere in there. Maybe by then Applesauce and Moonbeams will be out in AUDIO, too!

Keep checking back to see what's what. Follow me on Facebook or check out my blog to catch word of contests where you'll be able to win books or prizes! Ooh, contests. What would you like to see as prizes: books (mine or someone else's?), toys, jewelery, sexy paraphernalia (my Adam & Eve employee discount can at last be put to use!), gift cards (to where?), what? Leave a comment on Facebook and I'll see what I can do.

Hola, y'all! — Carol Strick

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