a monument

A monument in a park at the foot of the mountain. You can see the cross at the top right of the picture. I figure if people walk up the mountain and then make it back down, they deserve a victory monument like this.

Place des Arts


La Place des Arts. That's Salle Wilfrid-Peletier up there in the center, where a major scene in Volume 5 of my books takes place. Karen's sitting in the shade on the right. A fellow down the block in a head shop assured us that they turn off the fountains during the winter. Veddy fahncy hotels across the street. I put them in the scene, too.

Hotel Viger?

SOMETHING around here was the Hotel Viger. This building used to be the major shopping mall way back when. Word is that the city is going to buy it and turn it into a hotel. Meanwhile, there's this great plaza surrounded by all these magnificent buildings just across the street. The plaza is filled with the homeless and ruined with seagull droppings, going to pot in general. Two blocks up St.-Denis is another plaza with a large fountain. The homeless were taking baths there.

Hotel de Ville

When I first saw this, I said, "Whoa! No wonder there are so many signs for l'Hotel de Ville! It's stunning!" I wondered how much rooms went for. But "hotel de ville" means City Hall.

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