A goofy self-portrait that was a college assigment: the cover of Time MagazineA goofy self-portrait
that was done back in the Stone Age as a
college assignment—honest!


Carol A. (Strick) Strickland returned to painting and fine art with the sudden and painful onset of Mid-Life Crisis, a VERY real thing. She determined that she would paint full-time once she retired, and wanted to hit the ground running.

She's best known for acrylic and oil landscapes that journal her enthusiasm for travel, light, color, and texture. She prefers to keep at least a modest amount of realism in her art, as (in her opinion) abstract art can too easily turn into mere soulless design. She’d love to say her work contains a great deal of spiritual content but… she’s still working on increasing that element.

2019 will see Ms. Strickland expanding the venues where her artwork is displayed, as well as her mediums and approach. Currently she’s branching out from impressionism into cold wax abstract landscapes and the often frightening discipline of plein air. Pass the mosquito repellent, please!

Her influences are the impressionists, whether they be from France, California, Canada, or Lizard Lick. Light and color dazzle her, as does chocolate. She wishes that acrylics dried slower and oils dried faster (the tech is getting there), and that neither required varnishing, which is a crashing bore and sheer heck on brushes.

Strick hopes you will explore her website, buy a few paintings, buy her books, make her rich, find her a husband, and maybe learn a thing or two about Wonder Woman along the way. And no, she won't mind if you call her "Carol."