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Welcome to my art site! Do you like exploring the world? Or can you only dream of doing that? I've been able to travel a bit lately. Wow! Look at the world out there! I take a bajillion pictures and run home to start painting my favorite views. I'm hoping to begin to take my paints with me -- painting on location is called "plein air" -- which can be nerve-wracking because of the light changing all the time as the sun moves, clouds roll in, etc. But what a great experience it is!

Come look over my shoulder to peek at the world through my eyes. If you like one of the paintings, click on it and you'll be instantly transported (thanks, Mr. Scott) (aye, Cap'n) to Fine Art America, where you can see it in a bit more detail. The price for the original art will be listed there, as well as an email to contact me (we'll discuss shipping costs, mostly). Fine Art America also offers inexpensive prints made from the art, as well as doodads and frou-frou like bags, pillows, mugs, etc. They have locations around the world for their products, so shipping on everything except the original work is kept to a minimum, yay!

"Better Days," a painting Better Days
"Daffodils on the Corner," a painting Daffodils on the Corner
"Faithful," a painting Faithful
Looking Glass Falls, a painting
Looking Glass Falls
Still Brook, a painting Still Brook
The King of King Street, a painting The King of King Street
"Colorado Field," a painting
Colorado Field
Morning Conference, a painting
Morning Conference
October at Johnnie Mercer's, a painting
October at Johnnie Mercer's
Savannah Shade, a painting
Savannah Shade

The Flip-Flop Path to Paradise, a painting The Flip-Flop Path to Paradise
Jenny Lake, a painting Jenny Lake
Salvia in the Windowbox, a painting Salvia in the Windowbox
Laughing Stream in Winter, a painting Laughing Stream in Winter
The Old Courthouse, 9 AM, a painting The Old Courthouse, 9 AM
Stow on the Wold, a painting Stow on the Wold
Sunday Traffic, a painting Sunday Traffic
Thanks again for visiting. If you have any questions or problems with the site, please contact me, either through this website (response may take a while) or through the contact listed at Fine Art America.

link to BlogI often talk about my work or how you can paint, too, on my blog. Come by and take a look!

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