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Spotlight on Dream Girl
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What are my claims to fame for the Legion?

Light Lass costume with that Mmmmon-el and luscious Element Lad in tow! Dave Cockrum ran a few new costume designs he was adding to the series in The Legion Outpost (a fanzine). One of those costumes was for Lightning Lad -- the tuxedo costume -- so I immediately sat down and made a similar design for his sister, Light Lass. Imagine my absolute shock when I got a real, honest-to-god letter back from a comics professional, Dave Cockrum himself, telling me that indeed, he'd forgotten that the twins tended to dress alike and that though he'd already designed a costume for Ayla he liked mine better. Unfortunately, he was changing companies at the time and the note crediting me got lost in the shuffle but years and years and years later, Tom and Mary Bierbaum got me print credit for the design job.

My design had hot pants instead of leotard leg openings, and the feather was very much more stylized. Other than that, that's my design!

An article I wrote for The Legion Outpost concerning how Dream Girl's powers could be better used is usually cited as the reason for her increased use in the book. In fact, she became a leading character for a while.

A story I wrote for Interlac, the Legon apa that arose from the Outpost's ashes, "Dreams of Conquest," reused a one-shot character, Glorith of Baaldur. When then-writers Tom and Mary Bierbaum needed a replacement villain for the Time Trapper, they recalled my story and then remembered Glorith. She became the new, starring time-related villain for the series.

Field Marshal LorcaA lot of us people in the Outpost and Interlac got used in the comic book in some way. There was Flynt Brojj, the Legion's biggest fan, named after Legion Fan Club originator Mike Flynn and Legion guru Harry Broertjes. Mercy VanVlack had a planet named after her. And I had a loser of a one-shot male villain, Field Marshal Lorca (unscramble the name), in my honor. (Superboy #217, June 1976) Unfortunately, the story was drawn by Mike Grell (yuck!), but hey, my chief adversary was that sexy Brainiac 5. I guess I can't complain even if I died.