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In the beginning... there was Superman. And Superman begat a love interest called Lois Lane. And yea, Lois garnered enough interest to become a star herself in some Superman stories.

Lois Lane as Power Girl

Superman 125 (Nov. 1958) ran a story called "Lois Lane's Super-Dream" in which she imagined herself as a super-being called... Power Girl! Eventually she enlisted the bumbling Clark Kent as her assistant, Power-Man, etc. etc., you know how those Imaginary and Dream Stories went.

Except for a reprint (in Lois Lane Annual #1, summer 1962) DC pretty much forgot the concept of Power Girl. You see, Superman was too busy begatting.

Superman begat Capt. Marvel, who begat Mary Marvel, who was almost as big a success as her twin brother. So DC thought and thought and had Superman begat a first cousin, Supergirl. She was a breath of fresh air during a very creative period at DC in which the Super family was fleshed out and played with for all it was worth. (But... Beppo the Super-Monkey?)

Supergirl started out with a secret identity of modest little Linda Lee, orphan (sorely neglected by her sole surviving family member, shame on him), who eventually got adopted by the Danverses, went to college, discovered that her blood parents were still alive, joined the Legion of Super-Heroes, graduated and moved to San Francisco in the TV business, moved to Florida as a teacher, became a soap opera actress, went back to college suddenly years younger...

And yet there were long periods when Supergirl's writers had absolutely no idea what to do with her.

Supergirl crying on covers
Though the best Supergirl stories showed her as a bright-eyed vision of young All-American girlhood, the worst played the stereotype to the hilt: a girl who lived to be noticed by men, a girl who couldn't measure up to any of the other heroes, etc. In fact, when Marv Wolfman (boo!) killed her off in Crisis #7 -- despite the fact that the Legion staff said they'd be happy to take her on as a permanent member of the 30th Century group, where she usually got good characterization -- it was treated more as a tribute to Superman than the death of a heroine who'd been quite popular for a couple of decades.

Truly, Supergirl had run her course. Oh, DC resurrected the name after Crisis in the form of the abysmal Matrix -- who at the tender age of 3 or so became Lex Luthor's lover (!!! darned fanboys in charge!!!), but the character that Peter David took over a few years later morphed into quite a different creature than the original Supergirl ever was, edgy and with darkness always threatening, usually a real treat to read. And then of course DC brought back the "original" rebooted Kara Zor-El, this time as an underage tease... Wait, she's an undercover killer... Wait, she's schizo... Wait, she's a fairly capable member of a Legion that Superman was never a member of... Wait, she's desperately trying to live up to her cousin's reputation and, in teenaged fashion, isn't doing so well... Wait, she's...

But remember the begatting? Pre-Crisis, the DC universe had a parallel world setup. Earth-1 was its principle world, but Earth-2 was where the heroes of the Golden Age still lived and operated. With fanboys becoming comic book writers, they brought their interests with them and established a more prominent place for Earth-2 and its denizens. But still they had to modernize the place. One of the ways they did this was to bring in a modern doppleganger for the Earth-1 Supergirl.

They called her Power Girl.

Let's take it year by year, shall we?

PG's cat

And then Crisis hit the fan...


For a COMPLETE listing of ALL Power Girl's appearances -- that's right, even the ones I missed -- plus a couple of trivia-related posts, noted comic book historian JOHN WELLS, aka MIKISHAWM online, has consented to let me post his information right here. It's current up to Feb. 2001. Anytime you want to update it, John, feel free!

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