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Justice League of America #183: Oct: author: Gerry Conway; artists: Dick Dillin & Frank McLaughlin; editor: Len Wein

#184: writer: Conway; artists: George Perez & McLaughlin; editor: Wein

#185: Dec: writer: Conway; artists: Perez & McLaughlin; editor: Wein

Wonder Woman #274: Dec: storytellers: Paul Levitz and Joe Staton; inks: Steve Mitchell; editor: Wein

1980 covers

For the next few years crossovers would be the only way we'd see Peege.

new/old lookWW #274: PG guests in Huntress' new back-up series in WW. She angrily confronts Gotham City's district attorney who has ordered controls on Gotham's super-heroes. Helena convinces her to leave and they catch a cuppa in their secret IDs.

Huntress: It's easy to FORGET how NEW you are to the SECRET IDENTITY racket.

PG: Maybe easy for YOU, Hel. It's still all I can do to COPE. I tell you, if it wasn't for the help ANDY'S given me...!

H: ANDY VINSON -- the GLOBE reporter?

PG: That's the MAN! And covering STORIES isn't all he's --

The two are interrupted, but one wonders what Kara was going to say. Is Vinson a good lover? A secret millionaire backing covert super-hero activity? A woman in disguise?

PG and Huntress foil a counterfeiting scheme. PG pokes holes through a safe using her fingers.

PG's return to her original (one issue!) outfit looks like a seatbelt gone awry -- very uncomfortable. You know, they can slide over and just choke the life out of you unless you use one of those plastic converter thingies. Every time I saw PG in this I wanted to choke. Plus, the design had been done to try to match the ambiance of her jauntily-angled belt -- but more often than not the angles clashed. Even when they didn't, the effect was not an aesthetic one.

JLA 183: The two teams wind up on New Genesis. Superman-1 vocalizes a close bond of super-shipdom (as different from ordinary humans) with Kara. They meet up with the New Gods.


Firestorm184: PG, Orion and Firestorm team up. PG is the calming influence of the trio and flirts with Firestorm before going up against Icicle and the Fiddler, the latter of which defeats the powerful group.

185: The trio have been imprisoned in a block of ice by Icicle. Mr. Miracle frees them. Firestorm starts to babble.

Firestorm: Well, EXCUUUUSE me, POWER GIRL. Don't you ever get on a nervous TALKING JAG?

PG: No.

When they go up against Darkseid himself, only Firestorm really faces the god but defeats him rather easily.

Firestorm: So that's IT? It's ALL OVER?

PG: Wasn't it EXCITING enough for you, boychick?

She also gives Firestorm a flirty smirk during the story.

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