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Wonder Woman #275: Jan: storytellers: Paul Levitz & Joe Staton; editor: Len Wein

#276: Feb: storytellers: Levitz & Staton; editor: Wein

#285: Nov: storytellers: Levitz & Staton; editor:Wein

1981 covers

dream sequence PGWW 275: Every criminal in Gotham is striking at once. PG gets righteously mad at a cop (she calls him a "porker") because he claims the police have graciously allowed the heroes to help them.

Helena and Peege refer to each other as "amiga."

276: The Thinker holds Peege immobile by taking control of her mind, then sets her against Huntress. Huntress uses judo to redirect PG's punches so she decks the Thinker and thus releases herself.

285: PG appears in one panel as part of District Attorney Sims' dream of the Huntress.

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