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Wonder Woman #291: May: plot: Paul Levitz; script: Roy Thomas; pencils: Gene Colan; inks: Frank McLaughlin; editor: Len Wein

#292: June: plotter: Levitz; scripter: Thomas; penciller: Colan; inker: McLaughlin & Romeo Tanghal; editor: Wein

#293: July: plot: Levitz; script: Thomas; art: Colan; inker: McLaughlin, Bob Smith & Adrian Gonzales; editor: Wein

Justice League of America #207:Oct: writer: Gerry Conway; artists: Don Heck & Tanghal; editor: Wein

#208: Nov: writer: Conway; artists: Heck and S. Trapani; editor: Wein

All-Star Squadron #15: Nov: writer: Thomas; plot consultant: Conway; artists: Gonzales & Jerry Ordway; editor: Wein

JLA #209: Dec: writer: Conway; plot consultant: Thomas; artist: Heck; editor: Wein

1982 covers

WW 291: Imho McLaughlin's sloppy inks made variations of all the costumes in this all-female trilogy. The Adjudicator is galactic judge and executioner for worlds he doesn't approve of. WW finds out that he's judging four parallel-world Earths, so Black Canary warns the heroes of Earth-2, including PG. This is a tiny 1-panel appearance for her.

Colan Kara
292: Though before we saw a handful of JSAers in "Civic City" (not Gotham?), now we learn only PG and Huntress answered BC's SOS.

PG: I've never CARED much for our world being called "EARTH-TWO."

PG proceeds to transport them to Atlanta using leaps of 1/8 mile. (And how many days did THAT take?) Ouch!

The Horseman of Plague (one of the Four Horsemen) is wreaking havok in that city. PG uses X-ray vision to determine he's not wearing a mask. Despite being from Krypton, she suddenly starts to sneeze, then wrecks an exterior elevator to batter the horseman. But the horseman touches her, she gets dizzy and blacks out.

Two Karas
293: The Adjudicator holds selected heroines (those who have taken part in this adventure) of Earths 1, 2 and X (the fourth Earth he was considering was Earth-3, but we never got to see anything happen there) in crystalline prisons, but they manage to get out.

MINUTIAE NOTE: Power Girl answers a generic crack from Supergirl during battle -- the closest these two would ever come to interacting:

PG and the others link with WW's magic lasso to defeat the mad Adjudicator.

Note that it is Supergirl who unwarrantedly flies off the handle at Zatanna, so apparently Levitz (or Conway) had to have a hothead in any mix.

Heck PG

JLA 207: A 5-part crossover with JLA-JSA and All-Star Squadron vs. the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3.

Firestorm looks forward to seeing PG again.

The JSA mysteriously finds itself in the inter-dimensional limbo prison where the Crime Syndicate has been held, instead of arriving on the JLA satellite. PG's punches can't break them out since the prison had been designed to withstand Ultra-Man, but the combined might of Dr. Fate and Starman does. They escape to find a decimated Earth-Prime -- supposedly the place where we readers live, thus destroying the very concept of Earth-Prime. All the destruction has been caused by Per Degaton.

208: PG is just one of the crowd. The JSA gets a time bubble (how? Time Bubbles are © Legion of Super-Heroes, 30th Century) and go to Earth-2, 1942, where the JLA and All-Star Squadron are. Firestorm catches an unconscious PG as they break open the bubble.

another Heck PG

Firestorm: POWER GIRL is just as lovely as she was when I last saw her! Sigh!

He kneels by her.

A-S S 15: Turns out the Time Bubble was a Green Lantern creation, so the Legion can call off its lawyers. Catching the edge of an atomic blast in 1942 had rendered the JSAers unconscious. No action for PG this ish.

JLA 209: Steel, PG and Firestorm go to Geneva to stop missiles. The enemy launches a heat-seeking missile at PG.

PG: Somebody doesn't KNOW me very well. OTHERWISE they'd REALIZE that this missile is about as DANGEROUS to me -- as a GNAT to a BRICK WALL!

And she dispatches the missile. Crime Syndicate member Johnny Quick catches her off guard, tossing her with enough force that she destroys an antique store.

As three deadly nuclear missiles launch, PG takes one and destroys its guidance system. "Sometimes FINESSE is a luxury you just can't AFFORD!" The missiles miss their targets and fire harmlessly (yeah, right).

All's well that ends well, history is changed back to normal and no one remembers. The annual meeting is again about to take place.

Firestorm (thinking): Power Girl's looking BETTER than ever. THIS YEAR I'm gonna sweep her off her feet -- provided I don't put my OWN foot squarely between my teeth!

and later:

Firestorm: Hey, lady, I've been hoping to get you ALONE all evening.

PG: I'm sorry, FIRESTORM -- Guess I'm just not in a PARTY MOOD. It's the WEIRDEST thing -- but I feel as if I've narrowly escaped some fantastic TRAGEDY. That's CRAZY, isn't it? Of course it is. BUT even so... Put your ARMS around me, Firestorm, I need some HOLDING! Now, what was that you were saying about waiting to ge me ALONE--?

Arion#1Arion and Chian

Note for future reference: After being the second feature in Warlord for one or two years (hey, if I were sure I'd have listed it in the appropriate year, but I didn't collect Warlord because I couldn't stand Grell's artwork), Arion #1 debuts in November. Lord Arion first appeared in Warlord #55 and was in that title until #62. He was a mage of Atlantis ca. 45,000 BC, and battled the forces of Chaos, championing the side of Order. (I'm a little unclear on whether he eventually took a neutral position in the war or not.) At any rate, post-Crisis Arion would be Kara's grandfather. Cute guy. And her grandmother, Lady Chian, was gorgeous as well as a deadly sword-wielding warrior.

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