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DC Comics Presents #56: April: writer: Paul Kupperberg; penciller: Curt Swan; inker: Dave Hunt; editor: Julius Schwartz

Justice League of America #219: Oct; writers: Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway; artists: Chuck Patton and Romeo Tanghal; editor: Len Wein

JLA #220: Nov; plot & script: Thomas; penciller: Patton; inkers: Tanghal and Pablo Marcos; editor: Wein

1983 covers

The cover of DC Comics Presents has a chiling deja vu for Crisis #7, to come two years later. Coincidence?

On the DC Message Boards when asked just this question, fans pointed out the almost one-to-one matchup from the Crisis cover to X-Men #136, but a couple of responders said they'd seen an interview with Crisis artist George Perez that said he'd been inspired by Thor #127.

cover lineup

The "standing pieta" pose may be a recurring one for comic book covers but it is not common. To have these two similar-subject covers so close together in time... Well, you make the call.

Paul Kupperberg begins his fascination with Peege this year. PG stops the turbines of an electical power plant in Metropolis. Seems its energy -- which strangely is beginning to burn her from afar -- is being sucked into something she instantly recognizes as a time/space-warp. I guess if you run into a lot of those kind of things, you get to where you can spot them.

Leaping away, PG smacks up against an invisible barrier, which sends her plunging to the ground. Unfortunately, the barrier also stops a small plane and PG catches it, saving the pilot and others -- just before she mysteriously disappears.

She reappears next to Superman-1 (who's been through a parallel series of adventures) to the other-dimensional, out of time world of Blimaar, where immortal universal conqueror Maaldor the Darklord has brought them. Maal's bored with having no challenges and seeks amusement. He deems the two the mightiest beings in the Multiverse.

Maal tells the "cousins" that if they don't entertain him, he'll order the deaths of trillions of beings. They agree and then find themselves in a combat arena.

Swan PG with Maaldor

Maaldor makes creatures who have decimated entire worlds (they don't look so tough to me) appear and the cousins dispatch them quickly.

Maaldor then leaps into the arena and PG takes him on, but hurts her hand when she punches him. He then turns some eyebeams on her and she falls, wracked with pain. She apparently dies.

This sends Superman into a frenzy and he lectures Maaldor on his evilness even while he goes mano a mano with him. For the first time, Maaldor has to struggle, but as he is about to kill Supie with his sword, PG kidney-punches him, saying she was just severely stunned.

A final punch from Superman cows Maaldor long enough to listen to Superman's lecture and a challenge to Maaldor to face the evil within himself.

But when Maal does so (thanks to some very quick doubletalk by Kupperberg since he only has one page to wrap the story up), the evil of Maaldor consumes the being, imploding within his own energy to create an entire insane dimension. Got that? I sure didn't. Funny how even so, Maaldor managed to make a return appearance during Crisis.

But the planet Blimaar's dimension is now Maaldor-less. The citizens cheer as the cousins can now return to their respective homes.

JLA 219: It's another crossover meeting at at a cocktail party, Firestorm sulks in a corner: "Power Girl's been here an HOUR already, but has she said WORD ONE to me? Not a CHANCE. She acts like I'm not even ALIVE. WOMEN. Just 'cause I haven't been in touch for a year...!"

Still, PG's the one to rescue Firestorm when a crazed Thunderbolt attacks him. He's strong enough to stun PG, who cradles Firestorm in her arms during a respite. (Note that this same T-bolt knocked Superman and Wonder Woman completely out.)

Patton PG220: As PG takes off after some villains, Red Tornado shouts at her to stop, but Huntress says, "I sure wouldn't want to get in KARA'S way when she's out for BLOOD!" Even so, Kara turns around to check on the team's needs.

Sargon the Sorceror is able to stop PG in mid-air. (And note that she seems to be flying in this adventure and not jumping around, though nothing is said about it and it's probably just lazy artist at work.) PG battles the Wizard, but he uses real sorcery to deflect her blow and then creates an illusion so that when she punches him again, it's actually Sargon -- and Sargon bespells her, knocking them both down for the count. The others conclude the adventure, which includes DC's PTB involving the new, younger Black Canary with lustful thoughts for her own father since she thought she was her mother. Ew. Bad idea all around!

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