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Infinity Inc. #1: Mar; writer: Roy Thomas; penciller/co-designer: Jery Ordway; co-designer/inker: Mike Machlan; co-plotter: Dann Thomas; editor: R. Thomas

#2: May; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter; D. Thomas; penciller: Ordway; inker: Machlan; editor: R. Thomas

#3: June; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Ordway; co-inker: Machlan; inkers: Machlan (don't know why he gets a double-billing), Rick Magyar and Bill Collins; editor: R. Thomas

#4: July; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; artists: Ordway & Machlan; editor: R. Thomas

#5: Aug; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; artists: Ordway & Machlan; editor: R. Thomas

#6: Sept; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Ordway; inker: Al Gordon; editor: R. Thomas

#7: Oct; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; illustrators: Ordway & Machlan; editor: R. Thomas

#8: Nov; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Ordway; inker: Machlan & Tony Dezuniga; editor: R. Thomas

#9: Dec; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Ordway; inkers: Machlan, Ordway & Dezuniga; editor: R. Thomas

1984 covers

Ordway PGInfinity Inc. #1: PG joins another group -- or rather, another group sorta joins hers in a sideways kind of way. The offsping/godchildren/etc. of the JSA barge into a meeting of the revered group -- in typical Roy Thomas fashion -- and demands that they let them join.

Many of the JSAers spring into phsycial action against such boorishness. PG threatens Lyta (Fury) Trevor, daughter of Wonder Woman, but the fight doesn't progress to real punch-trading to see who's stronger.

The JSA turn the newcomers down, citing their lack of battle experience, but some of the younger members of the JSA don't like the way the kids were treated.

Star-Spangled Kid (somewhere along the line he rejoined the JSA) tries to forcefully stop PG and Huntress from following the kids. PG quite rightfully objects with her fists and the two "gals" leave to follow the kids. (Okay, it's true the two left in a snit, but again I remind you that this is Roy Thomas writing. Everyone is in a perpetual state of snitdom in a Thomas story.)

Note about PG's costume: At the beginning of her Infinity run, Ordway makes PG's neckline very high. Towards the end of it, the neckline drops -- but never to the extent it does in other books.

2: Huntress (with PG backing her up) breaks up a brawl started by the "kids" at a fast food restaurant. "Them BROADS is even WORSE than the GUYS!" one hood comments.

Note: with this issue, PG says she can fly. It's now official and needed, too. Before, she was in a group where few could fly. In this new group, it seems almost EVERYONE can fly.

She leads everyone back to her home, where they all, including the S-S K, parade around on a large, low urban balcony in full costume. Karen must be making good money -- and we're supposed to think no one's going to guess a secret ID after this?

Still she berates S-SK when he arrives late: "You bring the SUPPOSED SON of a major criminal [Brainwave Jr.] to my APARTMENT -- thus blowing my SECRET IDENTITY!"

She continues to criticise SSK: "What are you using for BRAINS -- warmed-over OATMEAL?" and after he describes himself as an obscure living anachronism, she says, "Tell us something we DIDN'T already know." Pshee!

SSK announces the formation of their own group, Infinity, Inc., to work out of LA.

PG says, "I've got a career going in COMPUTER SOFTWARE -- and I'd been considering relocating anyway, so I guess I'm interested, at least." and she rests her hand companionably on his shoulder.

An apparition of the Ultra-Humanite mentally blasts everyone unconscious, including PG.

3: PG is the first of the group to awaken naturally, besides the ones U-H has already awakened to send on a mind-controlled mission. Now she's nice to the Kid, who is the one in a snippy mood.

At SSK's Stellar Movie studios, the group runs into Solomon Grundy after SSK asks PG to stay with him while he irons out family problems with Brainwave Jr. Still, PG catches up with Grundy to demonstrate "I'm still the muscle on this fledgling team."

"She is strong, that one--" Grundy says, "but I am stronger!"

PG replies, "A couple of years back, I'd have argued the point, Grundy -- with fists. Now I'm content just to do -- THIS!" and she throws a movie set at him. Even after that, it takes all the members to subdue him.

When Fury says she's "not used to running into somebody even stronger than I am," PG, the voice of aged wisdom, replies, "There's somebody stronger than everyone, Fury. Better get used to it."

4: PG appears in two panels to reveal dead JSAers to their kids.

5: PG talks to the local sheriff, who says, "You gals shouldn't worry yer pretty legs -- I mean heads -- about such things."

"Why don't you try geting your mind back on business, Sheriff -- if you've got one!" PG snaps before she takes off to Metropolis to investigate Superman's disappearance.

6: PG meets up with Andrew Vinson again, whom she frostily calls "MR. Vinson... The soul of TACT as always, aren't you, Andrew? Frankly, I don't know the answer to any of your cool, penetrating questions. But wait till after I've been here more than twenty seconds..."

May we assume the two have had a spat?

PG faces a mind-controlled, crazed Superman, whom she points out is decades older than she. She thinks it's possible to defeat him.

Peege vs Superman

7: It's PG vs. Superman and she recovers quickly from his worst blows. When one reporter calls the Kryptonians "freaks," Andy V. tells him not to say such again or he'll bust his chops.

"Bless Andrew's little heart -- I HEARD that," PG thinks. "Sometimes I'm too hard on him, just like I tend to be on most males. It's something I ought to--" Her attention is divereted to the battle at hand.

Interesting that she always has second thoughts about her outbursts. We never see the men who say such sexist things about women doing the same.

"Good thing I've learned to really fly these past few years," PG thinks after catching falling debris. "Back when I first came to Earth and could merely leap 1/8 of a mile -- the impact would've hammered me right into the concrete."

It's a rip-roaring battle with PG depicted as holding back, trying to bring her cousin out of his controlled state and yet trying to defend her adopted planet against him -- while reporters point out that Superman is bigger than she, and has decades more experience.

She holds her own against him and then mysteriously takes off.

8: No sign of PG within the story, but she does get a not very well done pin-up page and fact file page -- just remember that if it's not in a story, it ain't gospel. Here's the page verbatim:


Given Name: Kara Zor-L

Code Name: Power Girl

Secret Identity: Karen Starr

Birthdate: Irrelevant by Earth standards

Birthplace: Argo City, Krypton

Next of Kin: Father, Zor-L, deceased, Mother, unnamed, deceased

Uncle and Aunt, Jor-L and Lora, deceased

Cousin, Kal-L (a.k.a. Superman)

Educational Background: Symbioship brought Kara to Earth in the late 1970s. As she grew, it created synthetic memories of people and places, teaching her along the way. The 60-year journey brought the teenager to Earth inadequately prepared for society. Wonder Woman's Memory Teacher provided an instantaneous background in Earth-style computers.

Employment Background: Software Specialist, Ultimate Computer Corporation, currently on leave of absence.

Membership in College or Other Organizations: Justice Society of America.

Stated Ambitions: To learn to adapt, adjust, and live happily in an entirely alien culture.

Special Powers and Abilities: Strength measured as being many times that of a normal human male, limited invulnerability, capable of short duration flight, super-speed (although not as fast as Flash), super-vision (including X-ray and telescopic), and heightened mental faculties.

Strengths Observed: Loyal to friends, quick to give assistance, works well within a team, handles pressure well.

Weaknesses Observed: Short-tempered at times, quick to anger, can be considered arrogant and overbearing, does not suffer those she considers to be fools, capable of snap judgments, sometimes acts before thinking. Has a tendency to be especially hard on men.

Personal Statement: "At times it can be very difficult making sense of this world and its ways, but the VARIETY it offers excites me. I want to feel like I BELONG on this planet and being around people my age, with super-powers, makes the adjustment that much EASIER." (signed) Karen Starr (Power Girl)

Infinity Inc. 9: A bruised PG makes purified Kryptonite at Superman's Fortress of Solitude. She demonstrates "power-hearing" to hear that Superman has left Metropolis, and flies off with the green K to intercept.

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