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America vs. the Justice Society #1: Jan; writer: Roy Thomas; co-plotter: Dann Thomas; penciller:Rafael Kayanan; inkers: Alfredo Alcala & Bill Collins; editor: R. Thomas

#4: April; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Howard Bender; embellisher: Alcala, editor: R. Thomas

Infinity Inc. #10: Jan; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Jerry Ordway; inkers: Mike Machlan & Tony DeZuniga; editor: R. Thomas

#11: Feb; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; pencillers: Don Newton & George Tuska; inkers: DeZuniga & Machlan; editor: R. Thomas

#12: Mar; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; artists: Newton & Joe Rubinstein , with Tim Burgard & DeZuniga; editor: R. Thomas

#21: Dec; writer: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; penciller: Todd McFarlane; inkers: Montano & DeZuniga; editor: R. Thomas

Infinity Inc. Annual #1:writer/editor: R. Thomas; co-plotter: D. Thomas; pencillers: Ron Harris & McFarlane; inkers: Tony DeZuniga, Dick Giordano, Alfredo Alcala, Richard Howell

Crisis on Infinite Earths #1: Apr; writer: Marv Wolfman; plot: Wolfman/Len Wein/Bob Greenberger; pencils: George Perez; inks: Dick Giordano; editor: Wolfman

#2: May; writer: Wolrman; penciller: Perez; inker: Giordano; editor: Wolfman

#3: June; so crowded an issue I can't see any credits, but they're probably the same as before. Cover says "by Marv Wolfman, George Perez & Dick Giordano"

#4: July; writer: Wolfman; layouts: Perez; finisher: Mike DeCarlo; editor: Wolfman

#5: Aug; writer: Wolfman; artists: Perez & Ordway; editor: Wolfman

#6: Sept; writer: Wolfman; penciller: Perez; inker: Ordway; editor: Wolfman

#7: Oct; writer: Wolfman; illustrators: Perez, with Ordway & Giordano; editor: Wolfman

#8: Nov; writer: Wolfman; penciller: Perez; embellisher: Ordway; editor: Wolfman

#9: Dec; writer: Wolfman; penciller: Perez; inker: Ordway; editor: Wolfman

1985 covers

PG stands up for the JSAOkay, okay, don't get yourself worked up. It's not as much as it seems. This is the year of Crisis, the dividing line in time for the DC Universe, so I'm running through all 12 issues in this index. After all, this is Important Fannish Stuff, and this is where Power Girl's personal history makes a U-turn. There's Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis, and during Crisis the agenda was to stuff every DC hero possible into every square inch of panel space -- Power Girl included.

America vs the Justice Society #1: This was one of those Continuity Geek stories meant to patch up blank spots in DC history, a strange thing to happen a few months before all hell was going to break loose on DC continuity. In this issue, PG appears in a one-panel flashback of the history of the JSA.

#4: PG bursts through Senate chamber doors to where a hearing invoking the legitimacy of the JSA is being held. She says she's been out of the country for weeks on a mission and is now ready to testify. Members of Infinity Inc. cheer to see her tell the Senators off on TV. She defends the proud heritage of the JSA and mentions that she and Huntress have recently resigned from Infinity to come back to the fold.

Watching her, Superman thinks, "Way to go, Kara! If I ever decide to totally retire -- even abandon my adopted planet -- I'll know it's in good Kryptonian hands!"

Infinity Inc. #10: Kara and Huntress join the rest at the entrance to the Ultra-Humanite's hideout.

Nuklon (to PG): You really think you can smash your way into a mountain?

PG (amid flying fragments of mountain): What was that question again, Nukon?

But PG is trapped by the very kryptonite she brought for Superman, long enough for the new kids to show their stuff.

Note: Infinity Inc.'s first issues may co-star PG and Huntress, but they're always portrayed as the outsiders. There's Infinity, and there's SSK, and then there's PG and Huntress.

11: PG is just a face in the crowd of JSAers.

Newton PG 12: Andrew Vinson works for VBS and covers the opening press conference for Infinity, Inc. Star-Spangled Kid puts his arm around PG on the red carpet into the conference -- just to overhear Andrew making a lunch date (sans camera) with Peege.

At the press conference, Peege and Huntress state that they're honoring Infinitors. PG says she wants to move to Metropolis to take the place of Superman, but that she'll be back if the group needs her.

Despite SSK referring to te two as "gals" ("Hate that word -- 'Kid'!" she says, knowing that he's trying to switch to the nickname "Star"), she gives SSK a kiss on the cheek before departing.

Andrew V. looks on jealously, but super-verntriloquism from PG tells him she'll keep their date.

Infinity AnnualAnnual #1: Okay, so sometimes I'm going to run into things I forgot at a later date than when the fabulous year's cover spread was done, and the cover spread is going to be so splendiferous that I won't be able to shoehorn another cover in comfortably. So here' s the cover. On page 38, we get a badly-drawn face of PG as she shows up to attend the wedding of Green Lantern and Harlequin. She sits between Robin and Wildcat, if that means anything.

21: PG is a face in the crowd (and she dances with Robin) at the wedding and reception.

Crisis hit the fan

Crisis on Infinite Earths #1: Crisis was an attempt to restructure the multi-dimensional DC Universe to create a sense of cohesion that would be easy for new readers to follow. Unfortunately, the "rules" of the post-Crisis universe weren't hard and fast enough to prevent the rampant continuity glitches of today. Hang on: All hell breaks loose across the Multiverse as Crisis kicks into gear.

In this issue, Arion is drawn into the present in this gathering of heroes for Crisis. Sorry, no PG, unless your microscope can pick up her face in a panel.

2: Arion and Lady Chian get some panel space back in ancient Atlantis, but no sign of PG.

3: What can they be thinking? Superman-2 gets a couple panels -- but no PG!

4: Batgirl gets some really lousy panel time, and Supergirl tries to give her a peptalk, setting us up for Supergirl's death (and later for the maiming and virtual death of Batgirl) (no women in refrigerators here, no sir!). Arion pops up for 2 panels and Superman-2 gets 3. The worlds of Earth-1 and -2 die. So where was PG?

typical Crisis panel

5: At least she makes the cover (lower right quadrant). With one Earth remaining and times overlapping, everything is chaos. But never fear -- PG shows up in the crowd scene on page 7! Look! There she is again on page 19, side by side with that ultimate cutie, Mon-El. Hey, if I were facing the end of the world, he's the guy I'd want to be next to. She's part of a team that gets a quick "all hell's breaking loose" scene to participate in.

6: Four panels on page 24: PG, Johnny Quick and Green Lantern-2 investigate a plot within the larger Crisis.

7: The issue where PG's doppelganger, Supergirl, was killed off with great action topped by a ignobly, whiny death speech. Boo, Wolfman, for being the man responsible!

PG gets 2 panels to express her feeling of helplessness to Huntress. She appears once more looking downcast as TV covers the memorial services for Supergirl.

8: With the death of the Flash being the main point of this issue, there's no room for PG anywhere.

9: Superman-2 and PG try unsuccessfully to smash a barrier between Earths-2 and -4. (I thought -2 and -1 had merged???) People seem to be thinking that PG will follow the same fate as that other Kara.

Huntress: You okay, POWER GIRL?

PG: Why is everyone so CONCERNED about me? I'm FINE!

PG, Huntress (do you hear the ominous music whenever she appears?), the Infinitors and the new Wildcat (more refrigerator fodder) gather to storm Earth-4.

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