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Crisis on Infinite Earths #10: Jan; writer: Marv Wolfman; artists: George Perez & Jerry Ordway; editor: Wolfman

#11: Feb; writer: Wolfman; pencils: Perez; inks: Ordway; editor: Wolfman

#12: Mar; writer: Wolfman; co-plotter: Perez; penciller: Perez; embellisher: Ordway; editor: Wolfman

Last Days of the Justice Society Special 1: writer: Roy Thomas; co-plotter: Dann Thomas; penciller: David Ross; inker: Mike Gustovich; editor: R. Thomas

Infinity Inc. #24: Mar; writers: R. & D. Thomas; pencillers: Todd McFarlane & Ron Harris; inkers: Tony DeZuniga; Dick Giordano; Arne Starr; editor: R. Thomas

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18: Aug; editor: Robert Greenberger; contributing editor: Len Wein; contributing writers: Mike W. Barr, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, and Greg Weisman; contributing writers/researhers: E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson; PG entry artist: Joe Staton

1986 covers

Crisis #10: PG shows up as part of the crowd (pg. 18) facing down the Anti-Monitor at a time before the Creation of the Universe. What do you suppose they were standing on if the universe hadn't been created? Mustn't think! Mustn't think! This is Crisis -- it's Spectacle, not Logic.

PG joins the gang to punch out the Anti-Monitor to no avail. And hey, our old friend Maaldor, looking none the worse for wear or insanity, gets to join all the villains. It's all very big and very spectacular and you don't have to worry about it making sense because everyone knew that the whole point of the series would be to destroy the multiverse...

11: ...Which is what happened in this issue, as all Earths merge into one. The guys who were at the dawn of time, like Superman and Huntress, still remember the multiverse but no one else does. (One of many poor decisions that would cause post-Crisis headaches.)

PG shows up next to her cousin, who isn't remembered by the populace though she is. Neither is Huntress remembered. The mysterious Harbinger tells her, "It is the IRONY of cosmic rebirth. There are many PARADOXES, and not all can be explained." (Don't you just want to slap her?)

In an ironic panel of a different kind, PG stands next to Donna Troy, who speaks of Fury. Surely these three had their origins screwed worst by Crisis. Hm, is Hawkman hiding in there somewhere as well?

12: PG joins a group on the anti-matter world of Qward to face (again, yawn) the Anti-Monitor, who threatens to destroy the remaining universe.

Meanwhile on Earth, Peege's good friend Huntress is first partially crushed by a falling building and then annhilated by anti-matter demons. That's okay, honey; they'll revive you for the Birds of Prey TV series.

PG uses her heat vision against the Anti-Monitor (along with energy blasts from the others), which apparently kills the villain. She carries the wounded Dr. Light home. On the way the Anti-Monitor suddenly feels better and zaps DC's leading of heroine of 45 years -- the legendary WONDER WOMAN!!!! -- away in one tiny panel (such respect from her own company!).

After the others get to safety, Superman-2 and Superboy pretty much put the finishing touches on Anti-Monitor. But because Superman-2 is so important (as opposed to Wonder Woman), he and his rescued wife, as well as Superboy-1, get transported to a heavenly plane.

We see the surviving Superman (of Earth-1) and Kara with their arms around each other walking in the arctic waste outside Superman's Fortress of Solitude as a long narration continues: "Across the breadth of the world time was spent REMEMBERING those now gone."

Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1: The JSA mourns its fallen from Crisis, "a few short months ago." Peege still cries for her cousin.

A time anomaly has been created, starting from1945. Hitler uses the Spear of Destiny to bring about Gotterdammerung -- Ragnarok, and Dr. Fate transforms the older JSAers into the bodies of the Norse gods. Peege becomes a Norsewoman -- somehow -- though the image only lasts one panel. She takes the role of Vidar the Silent to dispatch Fenrir after he eats Hawkman and -girl.

But though Peege and SSK want to continue the battle, Dr. Fate holds them back. As the others win the battle against Surtur, Fate explains that this battle needs to re-run eternally or "the Hitler-spawned Gotterdammerung will hold sway in all the cosmos!"

PG and Star leap to take their places in the battle, but Fate draws them back to the future. Only they and the Infinitors remain of the JSA in this new modern post-Crisis world. (That condition didn't last long!)

Infinity Inc. 24: There's a 2-page flashback to PG and Huntress' conversation from Crisis 7.

Who's Who #18: For some ungodly reason DC kept publishing this without pausing to figure out new origins and explanations for the new universe. Here's Power Girl's now-outdated entry, and Lord help me because the type is so freaking small and badly printed:


Personal Data:

Alter Ego: Kara, Karen Starr

Occupation: Software Designer

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Kal-L (cousin), Zor-L and Allura (parents, deceased), Jor-L and Lara (uncle and aunt, deceased)

Group Affiliation: Justice Society of America, Infinity, Inc.

Base of Operations: Metropolis

First appearance: ALL-STAR COMICS #58

Height: 5'7" Weight: 148 lbs.

Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond


Kara was the only child of Zor-L, an expert in sciences of the mind on Krypton. When Zor-L's brother, Jor-L, predicted the destruction of Krypton, Zor-L followed his advice and constructed a spaceship to save his family. Working under terrible time pressure in a field that was new to him, Zor-L was only able to build a ship to carry his daughter. As they watched Kara leave for the stars, Zor-L and Allura perished in the explosion of Krypton.

While Jor-L's son, Kal-L, sped directly to Earth, the ship carrying Kara went on a less direct route. Conserving fuel and concentrating on the mental development of Kara, the so-called symbioship kept her alive, aging very slowly and crafted an artificial reality around her. Kara grew up in this dreamworld, aging only 20 years during a 60-year journey.

Upon arrival on Earth, Kara's ship was met by Superman, who helped his cousin to adjust to human society and to Earth. Shortly thereafter, Kara joined the Justice Society of America as Power Girl and became a close friend of the Huntress.

With the assistance of the Huntress and of Gotham Globe reporter Andrew Vinson, Power Girl adopted the secret identity of Karen Starr, a software designer for Ultimate Computer Corporation.

Power Girl has worked alone and with Infinity Inc. as well as with the Justice Society. She moved to Metropolis with the intention of taking over for Superman when he retired. With the recent merging of infinite earths, it is uncertain what her future plans will be.

Powers & Weapons:

As a native of Krypton I Kara gains great strength, speed, the ability to fly, virtual invulnerability, and limited super-senses from exposure to yellow solar rays and the effect of Earth's reduced gravity. She has had little or no formal training in the use of her powers and has no acquaintance with combat techniques or weapons.

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