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Starman #6: Jan; writer: Roger Stern; penciller: Tom Lyle; inker: Bob Smith; editor: Robert Greenberger

#17: Dec.; writer: Stern; pencils: Lyle; inker: Scott Hanna; editor: Brian Augustyn

Justice League International 24: Feb; plot and breakdowns: Keith Giffen; script: J.M. DeMatteis; pencils: Ty Templeton; inks: Joe Rubinstein; editor: Andy Helfer

Justice League Europe 1: Apr; plot & breakdowns: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Sears; inks: Pablo Marcos; drinks too much coffee: Helfer

2: May; plot: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Sears; inks: Marcos; in need of therapy: Helfer

3: June; plot: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Sears; inks: Marcos; editor: Helfer

5: Aug; plot: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Sears; inks: Rubinstein; the Beaver: Helfer

6: Sept; Giffen, DeMatteis, Sears, Marcos, and Helfer (as "Uncle Charley")

7: Oct; mastermind: Giffen; wordsmith: DeMatteis; visual vizier: Sears; embellisher: Marcos; grouch: Helfer

8: Nov; plot & breakdowns: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Sears; inks: Smith; takes the fall: Helfer

9: Dec.; plot: Giffen, dialogue: Loebs, pencils: Art Nichols; inks: Bart Sears, "Frack": Andy Helfer

Justice League Annual 3: (note: cover says Justice League International) plot: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: McKone; inks: Patterson & Marcos; back-up story has art by Tim Gula; Mr. Ed: Helfer

Justice League America 32: Nov; plot and layouts: Giffen; script: DeMatteis; pencils: Adam Hughes; inks: Art Nichols; a gentleman: Helfer

1989 covers

Starman 6: Peege and Green Lantern help Starman prop up Sydney's collapsing Opera House after the Alien Invasion, which I once had issues of but they were just too boring to keep (or else the cats got 'em). I doubt if anything interesting happened to PG there because NOTHING ever happens in those crossovers (except for Crisis). Finally got out of buying some of them, despite my anal-retentive fannish nature. Ah! I feel so freeeee!

Nothing much happens in this issue, either, except that PG holds some support girders while Starman welds them. Then she leaves.

JLI 24: This was an enjoyable era of humor in the Justice League. I mean, I'd been collecting JL out of retention, but now I actually enjoyed many of the stories and certainly a lot of the character interplay. In this issue, PG joins other heroes at an open house at the New York Embassy of the Justice League International. She talks with Animal Man in one crowd scene.


It's a recruitment drive. Second-banana executive type Oberon (a diminutive guy) asks the various heroes a series of embarrassing questions. We hear only PG's answer to one: "Ask me that AGAIN and you'll get six inches SHORTER!" Is she talking about his height or...?

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Khund warriors find a shrink ray that has previously imprisoned them has worn off. Not knowing where they are, they break through a door, prepared for vengeance -- and find a few dozen of Earth's greatest heroes at cocktail hour.

front of the pack!

The heroes eagerly give chase, PG leading the way and showing off her enthusiasm. She tosses a refrigerator at them, but a logjam of heroes prevents anyone from catching the aliens (who wind up teleporting themselves into nothingness, haw haw!) (brrr; rough humor).

The end of the story shows us PG's photo as she's chosen for the new European branch. "I admit Power-Girl [note how it's hyphenated now -- darned proofreaders!] will be a real boon to the team--" JL exec Maxwell Lord says.

Oberon adds, "Yeah! An' she was real EAGER t'join!"

JLE #1: The group is headquartered in Paris. Bart Sears begins his reign of pencilling PG, in which he drew her breasts the size of watermelons, a particularly demeaning (and record-holding) (so far) depiction apparently sanctioned by DC's PTB. They WILL all roast in Hell a few decades for that decision. Note that Sears often has some kind of block between the reader and PG at lower breast level, and depicts her neckline dipping so low that the bottom of it is hidden, making it seem that she's VERY exposed.

He also showed her with a pinched face and squinty eyes. In issue #6, we see the JLE's French teacher, and when I first read the book it took me until midway through to realize that the teacher was not supposed to be an ugly, grizzled senior citizen with a penchant for fishnet hose, but rather a sweet young babe-thang. Sears just drew women like that. NOT my favorite artist. (He also drew ugly men.)

Back to this issue: Flying over Paris, PG hopes that she's up to working beside such great heroes. She's honored to be in the League. She sees Flash in person for the first time and reflects that a TV special she'd watched had shown him to be an "honorable, DECENT sort of guy."

Flash, though, sees her and thinks about her babe-iness and that with both her and Wonder Woman in the JL, he might run into some fringe benefits -- winkie winkie. He makes the mistake of greeting PG by calling her "honey."

Later as mobs of civilians attack the embassy, PG is the first to realize they're being controlled and takes pains to clear the situation without harming anyone. She wonders if the Lords of Chaos had anything to do with it.

2: Karen's called from a board meeting -- that's one long commute! She and Rocket Red confront Rising Sun in Frankfurt, Germany.

A meeting place for neo-Nazis is burning. PG expresses a distinct lack of remorse for the victims. She says Nazism gives her the creeps.

PG doesn't recognize Rising Sun, a member of the heroic Global Guardians, who thinks they're Nazis. Kara is dazzled by a light blast but recovers to deliver a pulled punch to the mind-controlled hero, only to find that R.S. seems to be dying.

bleahh! Sears!

3: By now Peege sports the most voluminous cape, longest neck, and biggest boobs mainstream superhero comics have ever seen or will see again (we hope).

Peege is disappointed at leader Capt. Atom's indecisiveness and thinks Elongated Man would make a better leader -- although she doesn't make a public deal out of it.

On her own volition, Kara leads a small team to investigate the Global Guardians' Dome, an operation that does not keep Elongated Man high in her estimation.

Jack O'Lantern is capable of producing a blast that knocks PG down. She can't get through his forcefield, though she can send him flying with him inside it.

Reprimanded by Capt. Atom, PG yells at him, "Who the HELL do you think you're TALKING to?"

"An immature, inexperienced GIRL who damn near brought this whole mess crashing down on our HEADS!" he replies.

"If ANYONE'S to blame, I'd say it's YOU! Without strong leadership, we HAVE to make our own decisions!"

JL Annual 3: PG is just a face in the crowd as they tour their various global HQs. She gets three lines. One's a punchline, one's a setup, and the third is filler.

JLE 5: No PG, though she's on the cover.

6: Along with the rest, PG is forced to take French lessons at night school. She's interested in learning, but has to threaten Flash to stop his sexist remarks about their teacher.

(Unfortunately the French in this book is consistently misspelled. You'd think the writer would have done some research instead of making it up.)

They end up in the same class as the buffoonish (everyone's buffoonish now) Injustice League and when everyone figures out who is who, Kara takes off after two of them. When arriving police shout at everyone (in English) not to move a muscle, Kara claims she can't stop. We don't see the result -- but she's not included in the shot of everyone else behind bars.

7: On a mission, PG picks up Flash and Animal Man to evacuate an area, but a mad Barvarian insanity-virus victim (possibly a vampire) jumps on her back and somehow forces her down. Instead she tosses Flash at approaching JLA troops.

PG is said to be an optimist in that she believes that Good always wins.

Hughes does something about her hair

JLA 32: PG and Capt. Atom both botch catching a toxic gas bomb, which exacerbates the situation. She shows she follows orders well -- teamwork is always a priority with her.

Interestingly enough, she has to ask Elongated Man if he can see anything in a faraway town -- apprarently her super vision's not working. She approaches Mr. Miracle, showing her concern for the people who have been victimized so far.

JLE 8: This storyline includes a Gray Man who serves the Lords of Order and whom Spectre is even wary of. Every death he causes makes him stronger and bigger until he can swat PG like a fly. The Lords of Chaos and Order themselves show up (as globs of light) and take care of the Gray Man. The swatting, however, leaves PG in a coma and at a crossroads that would shape her further DC career.

Over her hospital bed, Wally (Flash) West says, "The docs say you're all busted UP inside. [Dr.] Fate says it wasn't so much the BLOW... as the magic BEHIND it.... Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are? ...I just think you're REALLY BEAUTIFUL. Maybe the most beautiful woman I've ever KNOWN. An' I'll tell you WHAT. You come out of this in one PIECE -- and I'll stop all the crude COME-ONS. Well -- MOST of 'em anyway. Just don't DIE on us... OKAY? Just don't die."

9: A controversial issue as far as PG is concerned.

PG has 24 hours to live; her life signs are extremely unstable. Doctors can't operate because she's still invulnerable. Her molecular structure is too dense for X-rays to penetrate properly.

Sue Dibny (Mrs. Elongated Man), who says she's PG's friend, calls for Superman because no one else in the League thinks to do so.

Metamorpho comes to visit the comatose Kara's bedside:

"I tell you, Power Girl, lyin' there so quiet an' still don't suit you.... I've seen you flyin', cursin', laughing... fighting' like a she-devil. There's NOBODY as alive as you!"

JL maintenance man Kilowog gets some ultra-scientific equipment together off-panel so Superman can use his vision powers to operate under a doctor's supervision.

"My god," the doctor says, "What's HAPPENED to her? Her structures are TWISTED together like raw dough. And there are ALIEN organs... and several of them are duplicated, I think. It's INCREDIBLE she's still ALIVE!"

A French TV newsprogram lists PG's operation as its top story. The anchor says, "Our prayers go out to this BRAVE and NOBLE young woman who, in just the short weeks since the establishment of the J.L.I. European embassy, has won the hearts and minds of all of France. Good luck, Power Girl..."

Dmitri (Rocket Red) says, "The same is being on every station. It seems ONE of us has become the public eye's APPLE."

The doctor returns from surgery. "We operated... extensively. We can't be sure HOW MUCH of her we salvaged. But I think it's safe to say her powers have been DRASTICALLY reduced... if not ELIMINATED altogether."

Superman and Capt. Atom come to see PG. "How are you feeling?" Capt. Atom asks.

PG: "You're kiddin'... right?"

C.A.: "Save your--"

PG: "How come... people keep wakin'... me up to... tell me to... save my strength?"

Superman wishes her luck and she responds, "Hey... if YOU ever need emergency... surgery..."

Heading home on a guilt trip, he wonders if PG will still thank him in six months if the worst comes to pass.

Let's just quote from the picture in case some people can't read it. Yes, I had to include the whole thing because it's one of the best-defining pages PG has been involved with. Power Girl sits at the window of her hospital room and thinks:

power down

"A whole week's gone. I'm getting out of here TOMORROW. My METABOLISM still heals at a hyper-rapid rate. THAT hasn't changed. The doc comes in here every day, talking about that ARTICLE he wants to write. He'd have KITTENS if he knew I SNUCK out of here last night. I had to TEST myself. A lot IS gone, especially the COSMIC end of all my powers. But the SPEED and the STRENGTH are still meta-human, still cooking... FASTER than a speeding bullet... more POWERFUL than a locomotive... able to LEAP tall buildings... ..... I can live with it!"

Imho, this is the level Peege works best at, so however it took place (invoking Superman -- bleah. At least they didn't get into the "For the longest time I thought you were my cousin!" garbage that should have been left at Crisis's door) PG came out of this for the better. Imho imho imho.

Starman 17: This issue tells us the events took place before the past JLE story arc.

The schizoid Dr. Polaris kidnaps PG by rerouting JL transporters. He manages to knock out the disconcerted PG. As his good side takes over, PG manages to escape.

"I don't like running, but I'll need HELP on this one," she thinks. "...No wonder I feel wasted. I've been straining to break out of Polaris's field for HOURS!"

Unable to get through by phone to the Justice League (Polaris destroyed her signal device), PG calls up Will Payton, alias Starman -- apparently she recorded his call home during their previous adventure last year and discovered his number.

Polaris wraps a girder around PG and sends her hurtling like a missile through the sky. She hits Starman. The girder then wraps around him and he and the unconscious PG fall to Polaris's lab.

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