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costume variations of the early run in Teen Titans

Early issues of the new Teen Titans series as Cassie's new costume struggled to find its true style. Were those lumpy boots supposed to be pirate boots? Eventually they straightened out to plain boots. Look at the variations with the logo and belt, even the decision for stars on the hips or not. Hey, that top had a straight hem once, whereas the same issue showed it with the angle. Would the pants be a brownish color or dark red?

Cassie quickly went to a ponytail, imitating (as she was so wont to do with the other Wonders) the original Wonder Girl. Note at far right the navel tattoo: a star. You have to squint to see it, but it's there. What was up with that? A one-time affair, perhaps initiated because she's wearing her lasso on the wrong side. Silly Cassie!

Teen Titans #4, seeing Ares in glass Teen Titans #4, Cassie getting lasso
Cassie had been operating just fine without a lasso. Heavens! If she was going to be a Wonder wannabe, she needed a lasso.

Now that it was revealed (yawn–how original) that Cassie's dad was Zeus, she had access to the Greek gods. Here comes Ares to lure the idiot to the Dark Side (or whatever the Greeks called it) by gifting her with a lasso. She never told Diana or Donna who gave it to her, iIrc; nor did they ask. Surely such information would have upset them greatly!

The lasso glows and was able to be fully utilized by Cassie immediately without any practice whatsoever. It funnels the emo Cassie's anger. A few times it has been said to increase the anger of whoever it holds, but this is incorrect. Do you hear me? INCORRECT!

Cassie's an angry kid, among other problems. She needs to see a shrink!

Cassie as Wonder WomanDec. 04

Pardon me while I make pained faces. Okay (one): Whereas the original Titans always seem to be looking backwards and doing retro stuff, these new Titans keep bringing back their evil future selves. The mere idea of Cassie being Wonder Woman pains me! But here she is. The two left pics show her first appearance and the second one with the red skirt shows her return.

(Two) In both stories she was used as mere arm candy and support for Superboy. I mean, -man. This mirrored what was happening in the present-day TT as well. Cassie seemed merely to be there much of the time in order to buck up Superboy. This brought my opinion of her down even farther than it had been. How was that possible?

May 06

Oct. 07 Here's how the costume mutated around the time Superboy died. She wore informal jeans–just like him (the ol' copying gene cropping up again). The neckline dropped for a new, sexy look, and gone was the childish ponytail. Cassie wore heels, sometimes five-inch spikes. For a while the side stars were a tint of blue, but after a time they went to red. Cassie's still very angry, but she's also very sad now, mouring her boyfriend/lover for more than a year after his death, and even trying to resurrect him–while locking lips with his best friend.

What a gal!

Nov-Dec 07For some reason DC granted Cassie her own miniseries. In it she stole, I mean borrowed, WW's logo, secret identity look, base of operations, and just about the same secret identity name (which she also borrowed from the TV show). Now she was Drusilla Priam in her Georgetown, VA apartment.

Don't know the purpose of the mini. The writer hinted that its original story was hijacked by the New Gods Big Event going through the DCU at the time.

Nov-Dec 07

Dec 07Imho a miniseries should offer a story that illuminates some aspect of its main character, or delves deeper into their characterization and/or backstory, or plays up their unique strengths to make them a more valuable (and liked) character. This mini didn't really do any of that.

Nov. 07 We did, however, get some costume variants. Top of this section: note how the jeans are sometimes colored teal.

Next row down: the variations of hair style for Drusilla/Cassie. Odd, isn't it?, how her long hair only makes the merest bop of a ponytail.

On the left she wears the armor that her half-brother Hercules (if that really was him) gave her. Many of the Cassie fans HATED this suit! On the right above: note the plunging neckline that showcased the cover of the first issue of the mini. Yeah, use the cheap way to draw in readers, DC! Boo!

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Kiddie Comics

Tiny Titans, Apr. 08Teen Titans Go!, June 08 One after another, the two main DC superhero kiddie comics introduced Cassie into their stories. That's her from Tiny Titans (as Wonder Girl's cousin) on the left there, being teased for wearing jeans instead of a regular superhero outfit. Over on the right is Teen Titans Go!, with the cover shot on the left and interior on the right. Note the use of the gauntlet of Atlas and Hermes' sandals.

Funny how these two comics realized the need for an actual younger generation of heroes, unlike the mainstream DCU, which had aged the young teens right up to adulthood.

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January 09 costume changeJan. '09 cover of Blue Beetle 33

at left In Teen Titans #65 Cassie suddenly decided as she was being throttled to death by Lycus that... well, something. Anyway, she then appears in a flash of deus ex machina light all powered up again by Zeus and not by Ares. Isn't it nice when power-ups are accompanied by automatic costume changes? (And glam hair makovers?) Did she design this or is this a Zeus creation? Either way, they should be shot. The =w= design -- which stands for WONDER WOMAN, by the way, and not "Wonder Girl" -- should confine her arm movements. Not that she'll need wild arm movements, because now she's missing her bracelets, setting her (whew!) another giant step farther from Wonder-ness. She declared that her lasso was now her own and not an Ares construct. Tell me again: how did she accomplish that?

Fan reaction so far has not been positive to this change. The outfit is unfondly referred to as the Christmas sweater. It didn't help things that she dissed the bracelets and Amazon tradition out loud.

(Note: as of this ish she gave up that idiotic Drusilla Priam identity.)

picture on right On the right we see Cassie as she appears that same month on the cover of Blue Beetle (issue #33).

March '09at left When Diana, Donna and Cassie showed up to fight Genocide in WW #28, they all wore their own versions of the Screaming Chicken Armor. Diana's was gold; Donna's, silver; Cassie's, bronze. Here's Cassie in her belly-baring best. Her "armor creature" was a dove.

Apparently this took place before "Christmas Sweater Cassie" (as dubbed by Wonderdallas on the DCMBs) changeover, above, because we see Cassie's still wearing her bracelets. Oddly enough she seems to have left her lasso at home.

By Teen Titans #75 she was wearing her bracelets with her Christmas sweater.

Cassie's wearing gold bracelets


See? at rightHere on the cover of Adventure #7, Cassie's not only wearing her bracelets, but they're gold. Okay, inside they were silver. She carries her lasso through a belt loop on her right.


Nicola Scott's tweaks include very slight variations

above Artist Nicola Scott gave the costume some tweaks when she began her run with issue #88.

nu 52 logo with blood running down it

Cass is dressed in sparkly red nowIn September of 2011 DC relaunched/rebooted its entire line in the Nottaboot, kicking off the Age of Blood with a vengeance. The revamped Cassie Sandsmark showed up as the all-new Wonder Girl in the all-new Teen Titans, dressed in sparkly red, working with a magic lasso that looked like barbed wire, and basing the entire thing on magic bracelets stolen from a museum.

More Cassie variants in the nu52

miniskirt, August 2012Gawd, I hate having to read these issues. For some reason Cassie was wearing a ridiculously short, sparkly red minidress for a couple issues (I only have one), but then she switched back to this outfit. Turns out this is "silent armor" whose spikes stick through her body and can control her eeeevilly if she lowers her guard. The prickly lasso is something she extruded from the armor. If she's wearing the full thing (upper right), she's in evil mode, but if she's just wearing parts of it (the rest of these shots), she's pretty much in control. I haven't seen her wearing the goofy hood for some issues now; perhaps she ditched it.

I think her mother found the armor or something. Wonder Fan Edwin Camacho informs me that this armor comes from the demon Trigon. You remember him; his daughter was Raven in pre-nu52 continuity. (No idea if that's true any more.) I do know that Cassie's bracelets (sold separately?) go invisible when she's in secret ID mode. Don't make me buy more issues to find out specifics. The nu52 DC is just awful. Pretty art (most of the time) and stories that don't make any sense at all (unless it's the opposite), with lots of violence porn. Since the nuWonder Woman (ack!) stole Cassie's origin, this "silent armor" (why do I think of the Silent Knight?) bit is all the kid has left. Besides big boobs, blonde hair, perfect Playboy looks, etc. Makes me long for the old black wig and bicycle shorts.

This is the end of the Cassie costume index. Actually, we've gone beyond the point (nu52) where I consider the Wonders dead and gone. Can we even truthfully call Cassie a Wonder Girl at this point? She's always had very little to do with the Wonder mythos, but now apprently she has NONE. (I'm not going to start reading into her using "Hela" as an exclamation, which might point to Norse mythology roots for her.)

Bye bye, Cassie.

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