March 1999

FINALLY Donna ditched her horrid Troia pastiche for this stylish Phil Jimenez-designed Star Boy number, complete with the return of the eye-destroying necklace. The only trouble was, though the material would look elegant in real life, it frequently left Donna standing unnoticed at the back of crowds. One issue of Titans showed her again and again against a starry sky, causing fans to ask, "Where's Donna Troy?" Btw, this outfit came with both flats and heels. And I should add some more shots so that the design gets the prominence it deserves. Really nice. If only it came in red!

And it had NO lasso. When she'd appeared post-Crisis, the reasoning for her lasso that it was a STAR Labs creation. Now she had NO lasso, zero... although she was often shown on covers brandishing one. Quite often it was silver.

Donna as WW, the first time Donna got to play-act as Wonder Woman for a few panels to distract Clayface in Wonder Woman #161. Apparently she didn't realize the Curse of the Wondie Costume, which would shortly befall her.


Bless their hearts, the Titans staff thought it had been a while since people had fiddled with Donna's origin mess so they brought it up again in a special three-parter that incorporated alternate timelines and lots more Donnas than they already had. One of the Titans' allies in this story was Donna's adult son Robert, who had survived in the timeline linked to Kingdom Come.alternate Donnas

In this story we got to see variations in Donna's uniforms from various alternate timelines, including another look at the middle-aged Donna from Kingdom Come.

Wizard's Donna The January 2003 issue of Wizard magazine ran an "Ultimate DC" article, a what-if reboot kinda thing. Here's their softcore version of Donna as one of the Teen Titans, a group gathered and backed by LexCorp. Donna was listed as the younger sister of Wonder Woman, who'd managed to escape from evil Themyscira and now taken the name "Power Girl" instead of "Wonder Girl" to escape possible trademark infringement with the JLA. Note how even Wizard knows that red is Donna's best color.

retro WG; MIcael Allred Solo, Dec. 2005



Here's a bit of retro for you, as DC published Michael Allred: Solo in 2005. It included a Teen Titans story in which, among other things, Donna showed an unholy obsession with Bobby Sherman.

The larger picture here is from the cover: note the correct black bracelets and incorrect side bangs and long shorts. The smaller pictures are interior shots with modern-type spider bangs and silver bracelets.

Brave & Bold #10, April '08

As long as we're talking retro, let's skip forward a few years to Brave & Bold #10, which featured a story involving the early Teen Titans.

The Return of Donna Troy

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1Oh? You hadn't heard that Donna got got killed in the abysmal Graduation Day? Well, for some ungodly reason she did, but fan outcry was such that we got DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy in 2005. (Or maybe that's why they killed her in the first place.)

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #2First the Titans of Myth resurrected Donna and she became Troia (again), this time a goddess and wife to Coeus. But her mind was being controlled and the ToM were pretty much bad guys and stuff. Over there on the right is her as a goddess... again. That's hubby Coeus kneeling. I'm not sure how these godly marriages work, but I haven't seen any notice of annulment or divorce since that miniseries so perhaps they're still married, though separated.

Anyhoo, Donna goes ballistic and military and wears the armor at left as she slaughters and enslaves innocents (though she wore her hair in a ponytail in the actual story) while also battling her friends.

Eventually she comes around to her proper self and as such wears a new version of her old costume, sometimes referred to as the "disco hooker" version. DC Special, Oct '05

Note the starfield is limited on the bottom to just the "saddlebag" area, an idea that would quickly be shelved. The "star dandruff" would also go away in a while, but some artists did it differently than the starfield on the costume, making the stars more glowy in her hair.


oval chokerAtom Oct. 07

Also note the choker emblem. Top left in this first version it's the original Golden Age Wondie eagle. But it would be simplified by many (as at left) into a mere circle or oval, sometimes with a border (once I noticed with a ridged border). Here's a strange one on the right: using the circle with the wingtips, yet it also has the eagle symbol as a kind of cameo.

Sometimes the choker would be thin, as here; sometimes it would be very thick, and sometimes it would disappear altogether. Here are some other variations that appeared over the next few years:

choker variants

Plus there was a heart sometimes used (see next page with the boob compilation). Also the earrings would vary, but a gal's entitled to change those, right? (Sometimes when Donna wore star earrings she could use them as weapons.) Note the hair styles above. Hello, artists? Donna parts her hair on her left, thanks.

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