Tiny Titans #1, Apr. 08Lucy van Pelt there is actually the Tiny Titans version of Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, as DC published a new title aimed at getting a new, younger audience.

April '08I ask you: WHY do so many artists insist on putting a skirt on the Wonders? Here and in Titans Go! you run into the same problem... except for Cassie, who got to wear jeans (and then was teased for doing so).

I like that Donna's magic lasso is a jumprope.

At right is Donna (I think. Darn! I should do these things right when I scan them so I don't forget!) being jealous of Cassie's being able to wear jeans and then imagining her new costume.



Teen Titans Year OneTeen Titans: Year One was a mini-series which pitted adult superheroes against kid superheroes, and which had Donna acting like a loser (as usual) and Teen Titans Year One– see? – actually DROOLING over a boy. Oh, you just know I loved this one! It had a lot of the ambiance of the original TT but kept the negative stuff instead of concentrating on the positive. The left-most shot is from the cover where our Titans are dressed like their mentors.

As one TT:YO reader told me, "At least you don't have it as bad as the Aqualad fans!" He was right about that!

Dreamwar June '08


I admit I don't get it. I don't read Wildstorm, so in 2008 when DC combined their mainstream characters with those of Wildstorm to produce Dreamwar, I just picked up the first ish (for costume purposes) and was about 95% confused. I've only been reading DC Comics for over 45 years. Why don't they make these things first-timer friendly? Maybe they don't want to attract new readers?

Anyway at one point the Wolfman-Perez-era Titans made an appearance, so here's Donna, complete with large, ridged silver bracelets and her hair parted on the wrong side.

Titans June '08DC started the Titans again, this time as just Titans because there was already a dismal Teen Titans and they didn't want people to mix up the two dismal teams. Fresh off Countdown, Donna showed up in the first ish looking like this (left), complete with the seams that all DC characters seem to be required to have on their costumes these days. Note the pointy choker that will slash right into her windpipe.

Titans #1, June '08But she encounters a grave emergency and has to zoom to Earth–well, after she gathers up a new costume to wear. You know how Donna is: when responding to an emergency she has to make sure she's dressed right. (WHY do writers do this?) Anyway she shows up for what I suppose is the rest of the Titans run (I dropped the book. It was just awful!) wearing this outfit (which has not been received well by Wondie fandom). No disco hooker here; this is pure hooker-hooker material.

Note the on-again, off-again arm bands and choker, a continuing problem that should prove Donna is over-accessorized.

Readers of issue 3 reported that Donna's manicure sported stars. Despite the exciting fashion news I didn't feel the need to pick up the issue, but the kind fellows at the LCS let me peek. The fingernail(s) in question is coated with a field of teeny-tiny stars. Whose idea was that? Ick.

Titans #8 coverFebruary 09

at left But not as bad as the cover to Titans #8. Can we make Donna any uglier, please?

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Donna returned to her Countdown costume version.

at right As Donna rushed to her sister's aid in Wonder Woman #27, artist Aaron Lopresti decided to alightly alter her costume. Note the belt "buckle," which is now a loop... perhaps holding a lasso? (Okay, it could be bunched-up material but we can dream, can't we?)

Special note: Lopresti draws a non-skank V-neck correctly! Artists, study this!

March '09closeup of Donna's new silver lassoIn WW #28 Diana, Donna and Cassie face Genocide in their own versions of the Screaming Chicken Armor. Diana's was gold; Donna's, silver; Cassie's, bronze.

You could hear the fans shrieking as Donna carried a brand-new silver lasso with her. Why, we even got this nifty closeup of it just to make sure that everyone saw it. at right






Donna in a very manga-esque style.at left During the summer of 2009, DC published a newspaper-sized weekly called Wednesday Comics. One of the sections concerned the Teen Titans, and Donna got two panels in a brief retrospective of the group. Her hair's parted on the wrong side, but don't worry; the other appearance did manage to include her lasso.



Donna Wonder, July '09



at right Superman/Batman #60 brought us yet another parallel universe, this one having JLA and Teen Titans members combined. Here we ran into "Donna Wonder," probably one of the all-time goofiest hero names, whose civilian ID was Diana Troy.




zombie Donna!



at right DC had been concentrating on the Green Lantern franchise. Everything was suddenly GL, including a miniseries called Blackest Night, in which bunches of heroes got turned into zombies. Donna had to deal with the zombie-fied versions of her ex-hubby as well as her child, but zombie Robert bit her and turned her into a zombie.

Donna as a White Lanternat left But wait! Just when you thought your dollars were safe, DC sprung an extremely short-lived (how many panels?) group of White Lantern heroes at us. Donna got better, became un-zombie-fied, and they all did... something. I forget. But by golly, there'll probably be a toy or dozen made from the sequence. Donna got to be in the background in a new outfit. How much will you pay for that, fan boys?

a young Donna in dress, sandals and ponytail


at right In a lighter title, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, meant for the kiddie crowd, Donna as Wonder Girl managed to get a few panels in before Batman zoomed off to work with her sister. That's a red star on her belt there. Don't know why the artist decided to put the Wonders in skirts... (This is issue #16.)

Exciting times for Donna! She FINALLY made it into the JLA... Mainly by being the one to recruit the new crew. Mark Bagley, whose work I originally loved until I grew sick of it during Trinity, drew her with lots and lots of cleavage.

a full shot of Donnaa shot of Donna with her boobs hanging outat left Watch out! It's the BoobMeister! I suppose we should award points in that every now and then Donna's golden lasso was included. Occasionally. Sometimes. Fans wondered why it wasn't silver, since such a big thing had been made in WW about her silver lasso. More on that a couple paragraphs down. For now, note the goofball boots and overall star pattern (which was depicted as quite globby in some panels, as if someone had spilled Liquid Paper [whippersnappers: read: white paint] over her. Très sloppy). And of course:

Donna: see description


at right Over here we see her still in the pages of JLA, same artist, no lasso, and the star pattern is in the saddle-bag pattern that she had in Countdown or whatever it was. Plus, check out the tiny bracelets and the new boots with the flap. Ah, continuity!



blobby starfield and blue lassoat left Donna explains her new lassoSee what I mean? Blobby starfield. And all of a sudden (JLA #44), Donna has a BLUE lasso, not silver! She's gone rainbow, just like all those Lanterns. It's the Lasso of Persuasion!

at right Donna explains while glaring at the Demon, who is ensnared by her: "You see the color of my lasso? Blue, so not a lasso of truth. No. Lasso of PERSUASION. ...Means anyone whose will is less than mine has to do what I tell them. And my will is iron!"

Iron, huh? In actual fact, for most of her career Donna has been depicted as being wishy-washy in both the choices she's made and in her demeanor.

A "contest of wills" is a pretty darned goofy way to run things. It makes it sooo easy for a lazy writer to decide that Donna's not going to have much willpower now, but later, when she needs to win, she can by golly rustle up some.


Donna in sort of the George Perez red union suit, but with over-the-knee bootsAlong came the gigantic DC reboot (nuDC) in September of 2011, which apparently did away with Donna Troy. (If she was going to continue to be treated as badly as she had, more power to DC!) Of course, 2011 WAS Donna's 50th anniversary. Which DC never recognized. Anyway, in 2012, DC Nation premiered on Cartoon Network. Between shows ran one-minute shorts starring various DC characters. One of these shorts was "Super Best Friends Forever," starring Supergirl, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon... and Wonder Girl/Donna Troy! With her exotic accent she was the most level-headed of the trio... even if she could be convinced to steal her sister's Invisible Plane for a joyride. As of this writing, "Super BFFs" has seen 4 episodes. Check 'em out on YouTube.


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