The Wondie Costume History Hippolyta as Wonder Woman costume history
Okay, I could have lived with Byrne making Hippy take on the mantle of WW for a while because Diana had a short fling with godhood, but then he had to send her back in time, thus screwing up the entire run of post-Crisis continuity! Needless to say this has made me Not Fond of the Hippolyta-as-WW situation.


Anyway, this is how he first presented her. Note the use of a SKIRT. Now ask yourself: WHY would ANYONE put Wonder Woman in a SKIRT??? Deliberately, I mean? What action hero is going to gird themselves with the intention of titillizing the lascivious millions out there every time the breeze lifts their skirt? Good golly.

And of course she has a sword. Sure, give a comic book hero a sword! Bet you they usually just bonk people with the flat of it. Swords are meant to KILL and MAIM. Okay, Hippy got a chance to kill and maim with her sword -- but it shouldn't have been her primary weapon. Give her a club or something instead! (sputter)

I really haven't kept up that much with Hippy as WW because of the above. I asked on the WW DC boards about Hippy's costumes as WW and the Hippolyta-crazed Michael Bise and very nice Kevenn pointed me in the right direction and added some comments of their own. Thanks a bunch, guys!

Please note the many things to watch for changes on Hippy's WW suit. Whether the armor is gold or silver, the way she wears her sword, jewelry or not, her belt, her boots, skirt or loincloth, big stars or little ones, Diana's tiara or the Byrne version... Heck, the whole thing varies from appearance to appearance. I can't recall seeing the red peeking out from above the eagle, though; at least that's consistent.

Hippy in the JLA
Hippy started to operate in the Justice League, usually far in the background of stories. Note the extremely tight, action-limiting skirt (except for the one shot where it has a pointy hem and stars in the wrong place) (there were a couple of placed during this time when the skirt almost came to Hippy's knees), and the sometimes rounded bodice. The detailed eagle often gave an over-emphasis on the breasts in that because of the acreage the eagle required to showcase its detailing, the boobs had to be enormous.

August 1999 JSA #1 colored Hippy's armor all in silver. Note the non-Greek barbarian look and how far down her bodice rides. Also of interest is Hippy's bracelets with the star. If you go over to the Cassie Sandsmark index and check out the post-Young Justice pictures, you'll see that she's wearing stars within her bracelets, too. It's that darned TV series making inroads into the comic again! Rrr...

Michael says "Crisis Times Five" from JLA was the first to change Hippolyta's belt from the Byrne version to the TV version. Issue numbers, Michael?

Michael goes on to note that I should include "the color change in JSA Annual #1 (2000)." Maybe I'll just pick up that issue sometime... Then again, maybe not.

August 2000

Here's Hippy putting that sword to work. Kevenn notices that "during her JSA appearances, she has the disappearing/reappearing armband on one of her biceps, which I thought was another brilliant addition [to the silver color] -- when they actually remembered to include it -- to differentiate between her and Diana."

We do see that lots of times Hippy wore a cape while on duty. During the JSA appearances I could find, she wears the double-pointed tiara as well as god-knows-why padded thigh bumpers. Are they Wonder utility belts? Or the tops of very high, miscolored boots? Also we get her in a loincloth.
May 2001

Here on the right is Hippy in action within the pages of WW, done by Jimenez when DC was completing her transition to Evil Mother Incarnate just before they had her offed in Our Worlds at War. Note the use of tiny stars on her SKIRT are in the CBS TV configuration. Kevenn notes, "Her wonder cape was originally colored an icky baby blue and re-colored white for the Paradise Lost trade paperback (except for one panel where they forgot to recolor it)."

Sept. 2001

And of course they dragged out the Screaming Chicken outfit for Hippy's final hurrah in Our Worlds at War. For all its magnificence, it didn't do much to protect her, did it? (hmf) Note the use of the sandals of Hermes.

October 2002 Oh dear, that got me to thinking about Hippy's last appearance (2nd series), a time travel tale involving Di going back to visit dear ol' Mom during World War II. She wore the =W= belt and NO sandals of Hermes, even though she has to leap out of her Invisible Plane at least twice. (She did so alongside Diana disguised as Miss America. Could Miss America fly?) Hippy totes her sword when she goes into action in the two panels on the right. Note the disappearing sword belt: you can see it from the back but not the front.

Hippolyta as a time-traveling Wonder Woman -- FMEH!!

the Amazons of Amazons Attack!
Hippy in (ugh!) AAArgh! Hippy in Amazons AttackThey brought her -- well, SOME kind of Hippolyta -- back for the disgusting Amazons Attack! I think I'll wait to comment extensively on that until Gail Simone has some time on the book to offer an explanation of what the heck happened there, or Final Crisis reboots everything. Anyway, DC publicized AA! with some spiffy Amazon army designs by Pete Woods (above) that played off the WW suit and culminated in Sham-Hippy's newest outfit.

Feb. '08Feb. '08 again
Okay, now we're veering away from Wondie costumes hopefully forever and getting into the Simone run, where we see Hippolyta defending her deserted island against (here) neo-Nazis while humbly wearing non-royal, non-frou-frou armor.

Just before this sequence she ceremonially cut her hair. There was a sudden switch in artists and—poof!—her hair got long again. Maybe it was like when Diana lost her powers during the Simonson run and when they returned, so did her long hair. In other words: maybe some Amazons just can't help having the length of hair that they were born with. It's magic!

Nov. '08Nov. '08



She decides on a more formal outfit, a cross between what she'd worn before and that of AA, in order to meet Tom Tresser for the first time. And to feed the zoo animals.

Note the "seams" in the armor.