Variations on a theme

Artist Bob Burridge says that you MUST operate in series or you'll never learn anything. Thus we start with a hypothesis: STRAPLESS MAKES NO SENSE FOR AN ACTION HERO, with the accompanying corollary: MANY SEXIST, JERKFACE ARTISTS WILL TRY TO PARE SUPERWOMEN DOWN TO BEING NAKED, DESPITE THE (HAH!) COMICS CODE.
The effort here is to keep the iconic elements of the costume but modernize it, and to prevent SJ artists from doing their evil work.

Note the controls in each group below. Also note that the basic figure is taken from the Nick Cardy (Cardy! Cardy! Cardy!) picture of Wondie that appeared on the cover of Secret Origins #3, July-Aug. '73.

What do you think of these? Do one or two of these strike your fancy, but you'd like to see the idea varied a little more?

Wonder Woman costumes with straps

This exercise came up because we've been discussing WW's costume on the DC Boards, and I've been screaming "STRAAAAPS!" for ages. Some people want the classic outfit, some want straps, and some want straps but are afraid the classic look would be destroyed.

How the heck does WW keep that outfit up during the heat of all-out battle?

So on the left is the control outfit as it is now. Next are spaghetti straps, which would require a pretty much full back, then wide, angular straps that go around the back of the neck, so WW would still be fairly backless, then a tank top, which means full back, and then (per WW Board suggestion) a neckline similar to Ms. Marvel's (and the first Jimenez Donna Troy costume), which would require a full back.

Wonder Woman costumes with straps and hotpants

Everyone's talking about keeping the classic look when the classic look was SHORTS. For the vast majority of Wondie's pre-Crisis history, she wore short-shorts. Let's face it, hotpants are hot any decade! And no other heroine that I know of wears 'em.

Plus you don't run into the problem of the briefs becoming a thong, which has happened all too frequently in recent years.

One more set of variations...

Wonder Woman costumes with straps and pants

We've skipped a few steps here. I'm yet to be completely sold on the over-the-knee boots, but they're a possibility. And the red top needs some kind of punctuation -- maybe a yellow stripe across the very top except on the tank and Ms. Marvel versions? A LOT of fanboys insist on the iggle, so maybe he (or is he a she?) should land there in some fashion? I put the =W= on the belt because it's easier to draw there.

My main purpose here was (1) to get away from the US of A patriotism by making the stars a starfield, a la Donna Troy and Star Boy, with three large, five-pointed stars down each side to tie into the traditional costume (sorry you can't see it well from these frontal shots). That blue is supposed to be a reflection, which just HAPPENS to hearken back to Wondie's traditional blue shorts. And (2) I wanted to simplify the design, or at least break things up. The classic outfit is SO complicated!

These are merely steps to a finished design. I'm still working on it...

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