Dec. 2000

An ocean-faring outfit -- that's why the bluish faceplate is there. The big round things under her bodice are obviously floatation devices.
May 2001

Phil Jimenez incorporated the CBS-style star design on Wondie's outfit. Note the return to maximum body coverage -- phew!
July 2001



For a while Diana gave up her tiara after Hippolyta abolished the monarchy. A few months later the Amazons gave the tiara back to her, so don't worry about it.




July 2001 Feb. '02

Do you ever notice the point where you close your eyes and scream, "Enough!"? That's what I did for the July 2001 issue. Diana went to all the trouble to doll herself up in a Wonder Princess outfit... and didn't bother to do any research on the important ambassadorial duty she was supposed to do in it. By this point WW had become a creature to whom appearance was more important than substance.

See there on the right? Got that tiara back.


Spirit of Truth 2001

I'm not keen about Alex Ross's version of WW, but whenever he paints her she certainly is shinier than she usually is. Note the positioning of her =W=.


You go, girl! Bizarro Comics!

>SCREECH!< Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Leave it to writer Ariel Bordeaux and artist Ellen Forney to give us a TERRIFIC rendition of Wondie as she skips a Justice League meeting and decides to explore downtown instead. Here we see her Wondie jammies as well as her Wondie home office (I don't know about abut you, but I'm taking decorating notes!). Love that purse, Di, but you might want to rethink the heels. (Interesting to note the persistance of the eagle and single-pointed tiara this far from Crisis in this and other non-mother-title stories.) All this appeared in Bizarro Comics!, but I don't know if it was a reprint or not.

Since I have no idea where else on this site I could put it, let me reprint the poem Diana comes up with for a poetry slam:


YES we are STRONG!
We live outside MORTAL BOUNDS!!
And LAUGH at the DEVIL
And yet ---
And yet we have MORTAL DESIRES,
Still we PRAY for a SIMPLE PEACE---

Just Imagine 2001 DC had Stan Lee do some Just Imagine what-if kind of books in which he gave different impressions/origins/situations for DC's characters. Out of continuity, but interesting outfit -- if it only had straps!

Jan. '02

I stole this off the Internet because I don't have an issue of Glory. All the stories I could find said it was supposed to hit the stands in November of 2001, so I put a date on it of Jan. 2002. Glory runs around in a uniform very reminiscent of WW's and she also (I believe) has a boyfriend named "Trevor."

Justice League

Hope I got the dates right here. Cartoon Network premiered a new series, Justice League (which became Justice League Unlimited), done in the same style that had made Batman and Superman cartoons so popular once again. I believe Bruce Timm designed this costume version. Diana got some good air time. I got this pic off my copy of The Gauntlet, by Louise Simonson. It's a pretty good kids' book done in the JL style -- lots of action and spectacle. You might want to pick it up for yourself.
Feb. '02

And here's a little throwaway panel back in the regular comic as Diana's helping to build the My Little Pony version of Paradise Island.




I'm including this mostly because it's such a nice shot. But you can also see the influence of AH!'s baggy boots creeping into the interior art. This is from the book, Hiketeia, worth picking up if you don't have it already.

Here's a spaceholder visual for Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Again (DK2) (2002), a future alternate reality thingie that really didn't interest me because of its bad attitude towards all involved and the use of shock for shock's sake. As a secondary character, WW got to wear this lovely outfit. I'm giving you this pic of the figurine made from the series because unless I find it lying around in some garbage can somewhere, I'll never own this book.
Island of Dr. Moreau

Thanks to Johnny, who sent me this from JLA: The Island of Dr. Moreau, a graphic novel copyrighted 2002. This is "DIANNA -- a rare ALBINO GORILLA by birth. Her wrists still bear the remnants of the SHACKLES she wore on the docks of Mombassa." Well, it's better than her time as JLApe, right?

Oct. '02

While screwing with the time stream back in WWII, Diana had to "spin" into a Miss America disguise, revealing that she now had the same power as the Legion's Chameleon Boy. Fmeh.
Nov. '02

Planetary/JLA was an Elseworldish mishmash between the two comics' universes. Note how WW is covered up -- except for her breasts. Don't know what the point of that was. The little thigh decor seems to get forgotten by the artist in many panels. But her bracelets somehow trigger a range of swords to flank her. In a true battle, how would that work unless one could control all the swords independently? No wonder Wondie gets beaten pretty good in this story.

December 2002



It's now a couple of pasties and a thong, folks. I believe my thoughts on this kind of depiction can be summed up with:
cartoon: not that kind of girl



Jan. '03 Wizard Magazine did a what-if reboot of the DC universe. Here's their version of Wonder Woman. Note the corset top, the fully-packed chestal compartment, the axe, the loincloth. Yes, you've come a long way, baby! (::sigh::)


March '03

Phil Jimenez' final issue of WW, #188, was an over-the-top costume extravaganza. For some reason known only to PJ himself, WW spun and spun into costume after costume after costume variation. Some were new, but most were Lynda Carter TV show designs. Let's pray we never see those again.


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