Nov. '08right The Queen of Fables was making a movie in order to irritate Diana. Here's the actress in costume. Note (among other things) the lightsabre/sword. Isn't it keen that in the DCU there's no need for SFX to be done after a movie has been shot, because the cheap SFX are already available in reality?

Online gameSept. '08


far left far left Here's a gif I found that refers to an online game—I assume it's somewhere on the DC site (I know nothing about online games)—with a costume variant. I presume it's also a 2008 game.

left Here's the cover to Final Crisis #3, which probably has a cover date of November or somesuch. I couldn't figure it out and I certainly didn't buy the issue. It all has to do with those boring New Gods, the Anti-Life Equation and Diana getting infected by it (didn't know you could get infected by an equation, and isn't she invulnerable these days?) and becoming Eeevil and Demonic and joining up with Granny Goodness or some silly such. Ho hum .

Tiny Titans 2008Final Crisis #5

at right Just for a hoot, here's the original hoochy mama cover shot for Final Crisis #5. Apparently fans protested so loudly that they changed it.


at left In keeping with its habit of recycling old Peanuts ideas, Tiny Titans didn't quite have the courage to show adults... to a point. Here's Wonder Woman next to Wonder Girl. A SKIRT??? Pshee. Not sure what ish this is from. Wa wa wa wa wa.


DVD 2008?


right With a REAL direct-to-DVD adventure coming up, Wondie needed a character style sheet. Note the belt, bracelets and tiara but even more so, note that the =W= wraps around the entire top of the bodice. I've been noticing that in non-mother-book appearances on occasion lately.

poster for the DVD

Sometimes it'll be just one stripe, and sometimes the stripe will extend only to the back of the arms.

2008right Speaking of sorta the same kind of thing, one of the message boarders (sorry, forgot who) discovered this image and said it was the new licensing version of WW so we won't have to deal with all those pre-Crisis images put on new merchandise. It would have been nice if they'd gotten the suit a little closer to correct. And what's up with those boot soles? (And heels?!)


two versions of the DVD cover



at left Now compare that with the two versions of the DVD cover that were part of the advance publicity campaign in late 2008.

Doggie costume
Hey, who let that dog in here? People can even dress their dogs up like Wondie for Halloween.
Mortal Kombat Wondie




at left Here's a screen grab that was used for publicity for the Mortal Kombat vs DC game issued in 2008. They added a little foo-foo to the duds and stretched the ol' gal out, but people say she fought well.



Justice League Dec. '08wedding dress with Superman

left "Not an Elsewords!" declares the cover of Justice League #26, but it and the issue before chronicled an alternate-possibility world of which Diana was a part.

We'd been arguing on the Message Boards over the cover preview as to whether this was Diana or Donna, but it is Diana, newly-widowed Wonder Woman. T&A, everybody-looks-alike artist Ed Benes made sure we got a good look at Diana's boobs and that those pants rode REAL low on her, but it's otherwise a surprisingly modest and stylish look for her. (Though I couldn't see the boots well.) Inside, the reflections became blue, as shown in the inset.

mourning dressThe story had Diana marrying Superman in issue #25. Look at the happy couple! Don't their smiles just light up the room? I have to wonder: why do they look so pissed off at their wedding? In the story Superman later dies and -- get this -- Wonder Woman then quits the Justice League, which causes it to break up completely. The marriage puzzle continues: she inscribes the symbol of her late husband, that spotlight hog Superman, onto her bracelets as a memorial. (Only the cover showed that symbol colored red.) Interesting. Someone at DC does realize that the bracelets are the ultimate Amazon symbol of male oppression and the vow of "never again," right? Scowling at the wedding and now this... must have been one heck of an interesting untold tale. Though no, I don't want to hear it.

up And get a load of this "mourning dress" (which is full-length). Diana has given up her entire career and not just the JLA, to judge from the missing tiara. (Though she did keep the lasso. Or could that be Donna or Cassie's?) And look -- the bracelets are clearly merely a fashion accessory, as she has a set of black ones (also with "S" symbol). Well, I'm sure if the tables had been turned Superman would also have given up his career and put =W= emblems on his outfit and... Naah. He wouldn't have done that in a million years. He's Superman.

Diana Prince's dragon badge


at left Diana Prince got her own DMA (you couldn't call them "DOMA" because DC was afraid people would unfavorably flash to the Defense of Marriage Act) "scramble team," the Dragons. They wore dragon badges on their snazzy outfits, which for non-team leaders, were dark red.

Note: Among other things that bother me about the Michelin Man outfit is that the front of the vest or whatever, the white part, slips around all over the place. Sometimes one side is under her breast, and others it covers a good bit of it, like part of a sleeveless, plunging top. Must be uncomfortable.

December '08November '08

at left Here's the alternate cover for WW #27, by Frank Quitely. What the--?


While over here at right in Trinity, we see Tom Tresser, who lives in a (temporary) reality that doesn't include Wonder Woman, having a flashback amped with a lot of imagination as he sorta-kinda remembers Diana. She's showing a lot more boob than normal for him and his fervid imaginings, and at this point the two had never kissed.




Trinity #28



In Trinity #28 we find ourselves within Krona's Egg world, or maybe it's a universe but we just see one world in it. Wondie (and Bats and Supes) are remembered by its Bronze Age-ish alien people in a Mt. Rushmore kind of monument (far left). These folks have leaders who are modeled after the Trinity. Wondie's avatar is the Truth Lord, "She whose shield is truth." She speaks of herself in third person and within orange word balloons. She also unfortunately wears a version of the Screaming Chicken Suit, which in this version recalls a bat-like form of Hawkman.

But that's not all! Trinity #32 shows us the Goddess "Dinanna" as she patrolled this world in the past. According to the current-day inhabitants of the world: "She was Dinanna, guardian of TRUTH, lady of BOUNTY and TEACHER to all. She was, she IS, she SHALL BE. She came to us from the HEAVENS, but formed her godly body of the LOAM and ROCK and WATER and FORESTS. The SWORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS in her strong right hand. The SHIELD OF TRUTH on her left arm. And a HAND of FRIENDSHIP offered to all who would take it and live in PEACE. And the Shield SHELTERS, and the Sword STRIKES. To defend ALL who follow her ways.

the goddess Dinanna sits, displaying cockeyed anatomythe goddess Dinanna"And Dinanna taught that EVERY CHILD could be as a god, in their HEART and SPIRIT. All who would work and train and BELIEVE...who would gain the skill to defend themselves, and to shield those weak and helpless. All who would toil and fight to make the world a BETTER PLACE....

"But Dinanna taught that all must train and work and be PREPARED for war. But none should ever SEEK it. They must devote themselves to STRENGTH and hope and GROWTH. Never to blood and DESPAIR. And so they did. And so SHE did as well."

But did "Dinanna" ever ask, "Does this demi-hat make my head look fat? Why can't I find a belt that fits me? If I hold a sword in one hand, a shield in the other, and hold out my hand in friendship, how many hands do I have? Why is it that though I often carry a sword around (because it makes a non-T&A female hero acceptable to so many male readers) I so rarely carry a scabbard? That makes life real difficult, y'know? And what's up with my anatomy when I sit, anyway? Someone tell me: why am I doing the Giganta thang?"

three illoes from Trinity, 2009

Dinanna eventually became Diana, but still a goddess. Here on the right you can see her metamorphosis as she becomes more human... sort of... as the Trinity series progressed.

Final Crisis: Wonder Woman lassoing all the people








at left On the CBR boards PabloD says, "That thing in Final Crisis #7 is maybe the "biggest" thing she's done with the lasso. She tied up Darkseid's "composite human body", which was actually the bodies of half the people on Earth, whom Darkseid was possessing. She used the lasso to bind three billion people at the same time (I remember that being kind of an eye-opener when I read it the first time)." And she did it in this outfit.

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