ABC's Wonder Woman TV show was a hit! Of course Lynda Carter filled the costume. During ABC's run Wondie operated in a World War II situation.Feb. '77

...Aaand DC decided to captialize on this, by figuring a way to have their WW operate in WWII. How? She met her Earth-2 counterpart from the past. The stories switched over to past Earth-2 adventures (while OUR Wondie went over to Adventure Comics.) SUCH a coinkidink that both heroines wore EXACTLY the same costume, wasn't it?
April 1977

Why do I have this here? Oh. Look at the illo to the left: no center stripe on the boot. Now there is one. I live for minutiae.



July '77
Diana's looking a little pale here because she's coming out of a spin from her Wonder suit. Ooh, golly, just like the TV show! Note how we lose a lot of visual effect by utilizing the spin. (One of my pet peeves.)

(But oh! how those boys who grew up on the TV show LOVE it! So the comic caters to them. Sigh. As I suppose it should. Without the TV show, there'd be very little modern audience for Wondie. At least modern Spins incorporate a few stars for dazzle.) (And this semi-endorsement of the Spin [lasso change is better! Lasso change is better!] does not include the "Chameleon Boy Spin," which Phil Jimenez brought in once [I think] to lazily get over an inconvenient plot complication, during which Diana can completely transform the way she looks as well as how she's dressed. Cry foul!)



CBS picked up the WW series and transferred Our Heroine to modern day, changing her costume along the way. The boy-cut briefs were ditched (what would you call the cut of these? They aren't french-cut. They're just weird-cut, like beauty contest bathing suits.), the stars rearranged, and someone pulled that poor chicken apart on her bodice. She also began to wear frou-frou glam stuff like the diving suit, the motorcycle suit... and capes (cue ominous music). Apparently this version also fired the imagination of tens of thousands of fans... and would-be DC staffers. We'd see LOTS of capes in the future. Can't be a Superwoman without a cape, can you? (grumble grumble) (Wonder Woman is NOT a female Superman!)

May '78Aug. '78

With the TV show set in modern times, DC switched their Wonder Womans again. Note how they are BOTH wearing that center stripe on their boots now! All together: "What a coinkidink!" And of course in this cover shot a little artistic license was used. Both WW's wore their lasso on the, um, where are they wearing it now? It changed through the years, you've noticed. On their right.

Sometimes the attempt to modernize Diana just didn't work. Here on the right she's sneaking down to the laundry room in her apartment building so she can wash the suit. Honey, I'd ditch the purple and yellow outfit, too.

December 1978

See? When other Amazons beat out Diana for whatever reason and journeyed to Man's World, they wore the Wonder Suit. Here's Orana. Doomed, of course.

March 1979Oct. 1979

Keeping up with the times, Diana Prince became an astronaut for a short while.

Nelson Bridwell remembered Nubia in his Super-Friends comic book which paralleled regular DCU continuity, though there's still debate as to whether it was actually part of it or not. She's the Wonder Woman of Africa here. (Oh, that awful quote from Diana!) Apparently this version was even more cursed than the regular one, for this is the last we ever saw of Nubia. (Nu'Bia doesn't count!)


July 1980

Mr. Mxyztplk pulled a magick hoodoo and made a world where the sexes of all the heroes were reversed. Here's Wonder Warrior, from Superman #349. Sweetie, dark-colored tights and sleeves would have suited you SO much better. Guess fifth-dimensional imps don't have much fashion sense.

Jan. 1982

The Wonder Woman iggle was done away with. For this important costume and trademark event, DC chose NOT to have the story take place in the mother title, but as a backup story in DC Comics Presents (a SUPERMAN title!) (he just can't stand for Wondie to be in the spotlight, can he?) (grrr!) #41.

DC prez Jenette Kahn said she was a big fan of WW and started something called the Wonder Woman Foundation. Here it makes an appearance in the comic book. It seems that WW's eagle was difficult to trademark, so DC gave her a =W= that was a cinch to trademark -- and a bitch to draw.

Here's the copy:

(before these panels) Liz: Dr. Felton, Mr. Winthrop and I represent an organization which would like to call itself -- with your permission -- the WONDER WOMAN FOUNDATION.

Diana: HOW'S that again?

Liz: ... And naturally, it's a NON-PROFIT group, in which you would have a REAL SAY, if you...

Diana: Group? WHAT group?

Liz: Why, the WONDER WOMAN FOUNDATION, of course!

Diana: "THE WON--"?

Dr. Felton: Our CREDENTIALS are on file -- so you can check us out, to be sure we're on the UP-AND-UP.

Liz: We've been promised full financial backing to promote EQUALITY FOR WOMEN everywhere, if we can use YOUR name--

Diana: Well, I SUPPOSE I could--

Liz: AND if you'll just wear THIS charming top from now on, instead of your OLD one!

Diana: WHAT??

Dr. Felton: The "W" stands for "WOMEN," you know.

The new logo:
the new logo

...not to be confused with any of these other fine logos, which are trademarked by West Virginia University, Whataburger, and the Worldwide Wrestling Federation.
all the logos that might have been

Feb. 1982

Feb. '82And of course the logo change left us with this version of the Wondie suit. Notice that you can see the red bodice above the =W=. Man y artists would forget/ignore that. Maybe they were just having probs drawing that =W=, the single most difficult logo in comics, ESPECIALLY when it had to lay over such an uneven surface! I rather suspect that in the majority of cases it was left off as an excuse to show more boobage.

Air Force Captain Diana Prince doesn't look too sure about the change...

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