Jan '88
Diana Rockwell Trevor was a pilot who crash-landed on Themyscira at precisely the correct time to save the nation from an invasion through Doom's Doorway that, for whatever reason, they couldn't contain. Though she died in battle, she is memorialized as the great savior of the Amazons, and Diana's costume is based upon the symbols the Amazons found on her uniform and plane.

Ptolemy called this kind of rubbish "epicycles." Ah hates epicycles.

Can't read the panels?

Steve: See that JACKET, Etta? Mom put it together from various PATCHES and her WAFS INSIGNIA when she became a TRANSPORT PILOT...

Hades [a few pages later]: Since Diana PERISHED in service to the AMAZON race, Hippolyte vowed she would be given a WARRIOR'S FUNERAL... BATTLE ARMOR and a COAT-OF-ARMS were forged, the tattered remains of Diana's clothing providing the STANDARD... TWO such suits of ARMOR were fashioned... ONE was worn by Diana Trevor on her fiery journey to the UNDERWORLD... The SECOND suit -- as well as the mysterious WEAPON [a gun] Diana had wielded -- was sealed away in a place of HONOR -- until the weapon could ultimately be used to help determine one WORTHY to wear Diana's mantle -- the mantle THOU [WW] dost now wear, Princess-- the mantle of the WARRIOR!

April '88

left Reminiscent of the TV show, the comic book version of WW gets to wear a cape every so often. Usually it's for ceremonial purposes. Other times it's just because a fanboy wants his TV nostalgia jollies.
May '88

at right A riff on the Wonder Princess outfit, this time with sleeves (and red sandals), plus a different way for Diana to wear her cape, this time as more of a classic cloak or shawl.

Summer 1988

left What Amazon Crown Princesses wear to swim in when they're at home.

Oct. '88

left Nice front and back shots of the Sandals of Hermes, which allowed Diana to transverse the magical barrier between Themyscira and the rest of the world.

Nov. '88

at right The sleeveless version of the Wonder Princess outfit, the difference from before being the red sandals. Note the gravity-defying skirt. ACTION HEROES SHOULD NOT WEAR SKIRTS!


Dec. '88

left More Wonder Princess frou-frou. No one else on Themyscira wears those spangles, Di...

Summer 1989

at right Note that the =W= comes up to the edge of the bustier. Also: Di's wearing a pre-Crisis tiara with only one point.



Dec. '89

In WW #37, Hermes found himself without powers and a mere mortal. above He miniaturized his Caduceus to store on Diana's belt until his powers should return. There it enables her to conduct people across the mystical barriers to Paradise Island. When she uses it, she instructs her guests to let the Caduceus "cleanse" them for their journey to Paradise.


Annual 1989Feb. '90

left In the 1989 Wonder Woman Annual, Trina Robbins not only got to draw Wonder Woman again, but introduced the story-within-the-story as a character in WW's world, as she plays herself who has just finished drawing a Wonder Woman comic especially made for children.


at right A truly ugly Wonder Princess outfit. The purpose of these was to be elegant and glamorous; what's the point of this one???

Sept. '91


at right Ooooh, she's wielding an axe. The juxtaposition of females and killing weapons has always seemed to be quite a powerful image for men. Is it because it combines two fears into one?

Perhaps I should cut back on the caffeine when I write this commentary...

Sept. '91

left Jill Thompson's take on WW's =W= always seemed anemic to me, but she got everything else right!

Eclipso 1992

at right DC ran an Eclipso crossover throughout its titles. He's a guy who can aim a jewel at you and turn you bad. The visual effect is a half-and-half kinda thing involving blue or purple skin. The image is probably too small for you to see, but WW's stars have all become crescent (or eclipsed, get it?) moons. Her briefs get quite the french cut, too.



Aug. '92

left They kept telling us: "WW's suit (or at least the gold parts) is ARMOR!" This shot gives the correct effect (and note no red trim on top). It looks like she could have used about three sizes larger, though. Breathe, Diana, breathe!

A space suit with a WW insignia





at right A long story arc had Diana going into space and getting kidnapped by space pyrates, then leading a slave revolt. First we have this spacesuit, which was specifically designed for her by the White Magician, for the preliminary space rescue that eventually misfired. At one point in the story we discovered that she went commando under it. She carried her costume and lasso in a duffel.




A few pirate variations.During the course of the story, the bad guys confiscated her duffel and she was forced to put on other wear. But the time we get to the right illo, she's regained the duffel. Interesting that she chose to keep the tights. They suit her, don't they? Some of these variants are a nice look for her.
March 1993


left A bookmark to show us where the Wonder suit stands at this point.





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