Nov. '96

...And then, right in the middle of his run, Byrne changes WW's tiara so now it wraps all the way around! (::collective gasp::)

Rock of Ages
I have no idea what this is. The JLA goes to Apokolips or Darkseid invades Earth or something and everyone's in different costumes, though it doesn't seem to be an alternate world... Whatever. Here's WW from JLA: Rock of Ages, lightened considerably from how it printed. (For some reason DC allowed its comics to be colored like mud for quite some time.) The braid makes for a nice occasional change and the lasso over the shoulder is rather cool.

Justice Riders 1997


My goodness, was this published that long ago? How many "different timeline" JLAs did DC put out that year? This was at least one of the much better ones, STARRING (!!!) Diana as a sheriff in the Wild West. Nobody gave her any stuff, you can be sure of that! This is from Justice Riders.


Amazonia was a book that had a "what if" WW during the Victorian era spin. Yawwwwwn. (Believe it or not, ten years later they put out a little statue or action figure based on this.)

Whom Gods Destroy 1997

This if from Whom Gods Destroy. DO NOT BOTHER GETTING THIS BOOK! It's quite unreadable (1997 seems to have been a bad year) and Lois Lane dons the Wonder suit, while some Nazi woman named Diana wears something similar, but with iron crosses instead of stars. Weep for the trees that died for this.

Summer 1997

While he was setting up the utter destruction of Donna Troy's origin, Byrne played with images of Diana's childhood, bringing in imagery from the old Wonder Family days.

Nov. '97

Then the curse of the Wonder suit paid off, and Diana became a god after her death. She wore this. There were other versions of it: a long gown, short split skirt, tap pants... Byrne liked to draw pointy-hemmed skirts that became tap pants in some views. I don't know if it was deliberate; there was no consistency to it. It seemed to be just too-hasty pencilling.
Mar. '98



So with Diana dead there had to be a new Wonder Woman. Diana appointed her mother to the job. Did Diana know of the Curse of the Wonder Suit? Of course I have a costume history for Hippolyta, too.



May '98

Be it known that this is the ONLY TIME that Diana as Wonder Woman (for those who didn't know, she may have died but she got better) deliberately suited up in a SKIRT for action. Fortunately for us, it took place not in the mother title, but in Legends of the DC Universe in a quite forgettable tale. Presumably the skirt so feminized her that they had to butch it up with a leather jacket that looks like she borrowed from her boyfriend. Bleah! ACTION HEROES SHOULD NEVER WEAR SKIRTS!




In 1998, UNICEF, USSOUTHCOM and the Department of Defense distributed a couple of comics in Latin America to teach kids about the dangers of landmines. They starred Superman and Wonder Woman (as Mujer Maravilla) and were similar to a comic published in 1996 for children from the former Yugoslavia. Although I approve of the use of straps, I wonder why it was deemed culturally better for a flying woman to be gallivanting around over people's heads in a skirt. Yeah, yeah, it seems to contradict my "only time" statement above, but this isn't really a WW comic; it's a Mujer Maravilla comic. Nyah.



The Nail, 1998

The Nail was one of those "all hail Superman" books concerning an alternate reality.
Once and Future Story 1998

The Once and Future Story. Here we go again to a tale of a past Amazon who was Diana's double. This time she's Artemis, daughter of Alcippe. Her outfit has a red top representing the blood of the Amazons spilled during Greek invasions, a star-spangled blue skirt to represent the constellations that represent their gods, and the black raven of the Druidic goddess Morrigan.





Elseworlds Finest 1998

Elseworlds Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl was an Elseworlds (not in continuity) book that combined various Supergirls through the years (settling on the massively-endowed Power Girl for her physique) and featured Batman with breasts. Big ones. Okay, he had red hair and went by the name of "Barbara Gordon," but it was still a transsexual Batman. At any rate, Wonder Woman was the head of the JLA and wore this interesting take.

September 1998

Not really sure what the purpose of the Tangent line was all about. It gave us new characters with old names and furnished them one issue to operate in. This alien was Wanda the Wonder Woman. It might have been nice if DC had tried this with the Stan Lee take on the characters, to make them a little more like the originals while trying to give them a modern spin without it being Stan Lee at the helm.



Dec. 1998

Back in continuity, Wonder Woman's bracelets got smaller for a while, though they kept the inscribed lines.

May 1999
And of course you can't keep a Screaming Chicken down. For unexplained reasons, the Chicken appeared within proper continuity. Of interest: Matthew Clark's version on the right gives us a double inscription on the bracelets, the inner one having a spiffy little point. Keep the bracelets; lose the chicken!

July 1999

Here's something I really like: the stars. Artist Yanick Paquette started to give us stars that outlined the briefs and stopped at the crotch, with an extra star centered in both front and back. Neat and organized! Definitely french-cut briefs here.
Aug. '99


Promethea is a comic that can claim Wonder Woman as an inspiration. From what I've seen, the various incarnations of the character go through different versions of costumes -- when they bother to wear anything.


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