Sept. '99

DC decided that its big company crossover would have all the JLA members becoming gorillas. What are they serving at those staff meetings?
Sept '99

Straps! Hey, she's got straps! Unfortunately, they're ugly ones. Why didn't the artist use the established Perez armor if they wanted her in armor? Oh well. At least the loincloth has sides on it; points awarded for that. Note the sectioned boots.

Sept. '99
Since it would take energy to come up with new ideas, Nubia is resurrected post-Crisis as Nu'Bia, a predecessor to the Wonder Woman title. She wears a lion on her breastplate. Get a load of the sexy sideless armor skirt. Fmeh. Also note the earring. We'll talk about earrings later.

Jan. '00



A supposedly in-continuity story played out in Action #761, in which WW and Superman were swept off to fight a Norse war for 1000 years. It was basically a "let's see how pure Superman is" story at WW's expense, but she did get to wear her hair in a cool braid. Both she and Superman donned armor for the godly war. (Frankly, I prefer to think that the story -- if indeed it took place in continuity -- lasted for no more than 3 months.)



WW in Hourman One Million

Here's the Wonder Woman of the 853rd Century from Hourman. She was described as a "living marble statue carved by Amazons! Imbued with the Spirit of the Goddess of Truth!" Of course we all know from Byrne's run that Diana was the goddess of truth.

March 2000


Adam Hughes (AH!) was doing award-winning Wonder Woman's covers and the Wondie suit began once more to shrink at the same time that her boots began to grow big enough to wrinkle.



March 2000

Earrings. Here we go. In Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DC Universe 2000 we got a "Wonder Woman at battle practice with (the revived) Artemis" sequence in which Diana wore this. Note the huge bracelets and boots, the uncovered just about everything else... and the earrings. Anyone who's worn hoop earrings around small children and/or cats knows that one just WOULDN'T wear such into battle! WHY do male artists do this kind of silly thing?

May 2000 During Sins of Youth, a special Young Justice event, many adult heroes got de-aged while the YJers became adults. Here we see a de-aged Diana, who at the left switched clothing with Cassie until she could come up with her own design, right. Add to our mantra about action heroes: "Action female heroes should wear something that won't expose their breasts for all to see!"

July 2000
Here's another hare-brained version of the costume where the =W= is a big blob and the french cut on those briefs has been made even briefer, coming up to what I consider thong territory. Ick.

Realworlds 2000

Realworlds (left) was another waste of paper, a "what if we did a story about a real-type reality in which they did a Wonder Woman movie serial back in the Forties?" Yawwwn.

A League of One 2000

It seems to me that A League of One (right) came out in 2001, but it's copyrighted 2000. An all-painted story, it gave us some memorable art as well as an interesting slant on the WW character. I include a pic because -- horrors -- the pre-Crisis tiara is used.




Superwoman made a couple of post-Crisis returns, this time in JLA: Earth 2 as a sex-crazed femme fatale because, you know, that's all women are good for. Believe me, the picture you see here is positively tame with some of her other appearances.



JLA Witchblade 2000August 2000August 2000

JLA/Witchblade had the popular character's hoodingus transferred to WW for a short time. Not worth your money unless you're a Witchblade enthusiast.

Legends of the DC Universe brought us a three-issue story arc that asked a sexual story question that either the writer or the company or both didn't have the guts to answer, either yes or no. Bleah. And get a load of this cover, which we'll call the XXX Barbie cover: we get the gigantor breasts, the wasp waist, the Wonder Thong, the left leg twisted so we get the knee facing us while the leg is in profile... and on top of all that we have the 6-inch F-me heels. DC has definite ideas these days about how they want Wonder Woman presented visually; they just don't have clue number one as to what to do with her stories.

(far right) Step right up, folks -- the incredible shrinking Wonder suit!

August 2000August 2000







Artist Matthew Clark had a really interesting idea here: to show the =W= as true armor. WW takes it off separately as she disrobes. The lower part of the "W" sticks out from the rest of her outfit. And the eagle head is done origami-crane style, in 3-D. I believe that Alex Ross also did that eagle head thing back in Kingdom Come.

Clark adds loincloth with sides, cape, and big boots to the outfit, but he left off the double-inscription on the bracelets.

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