Gaea help us, she's showing the different costumes of the four WWomen

The whole business of discontinuity came about in this series when in "Wonder Woman, Amazon Teen-Ager!" (reprinted in WW #211), the young Diana looked in a time and space televisor and discovered that she'd become a great heroine someday. In this story she adopted the star-spangled tunic that denoted Wonder Girl, which she wore in succeeding WW-as-a-girl stories.

A simple change when doing reprints might change this costume into a plain tunic, perhaps even a classic white garment as it was portrayed in the "Invisible Wonder Girl" story reprinted in WW #214. Continuity with the rest of the WW-1 stories can be restored... even augmented, as these stories chronicle Diana's early life.

However, issue 200 of Wonder Woman reprinted "Mer-boy vs. Bird-boy!" from WW #214. In it, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) appeared with the rest of the Wonder Family, a group that in no way botches continuity as long as its appearences aren't treated as "Impossible Tales." Yet Wonder Woman and Wonder Tot were transformed into regular ol' Amazons with no costumes, and Wonder Girl (IN COSTUME!) was passed off as WW-1 as a girl--! Clearly editor O'Neil wanted to dismiss the idea of the Wonder Famiy because of its early connotations of being "impossible" (but how did he account for Wonder Girl?), yet he showed Diana in costume before she knew she would be Wonder Woman. He defeated his original purpose by changing the story.

From these post-Code WW adventures, WW-1's stories start, and the Wonder Family is introduced awkwardly in a series of "Impossible Tales" that at first wander between illusion and reality, but finally settle down into a real Wonder Family, consisting of Wonder Queen, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and Wonder Tot. For you purists out there who point out the innumerable times that one of the Wonder Kids tells herself, "I must practice hard at such-and-such, so I can be Wonder Woman when I grow up!", I say that they used the words "Wonder Woman " in the form of the title of the champion of the Amazons and not to denote Diana.

WG-1 eventually went to the mainland and joined the Teen Titans; WW-1 joined the JLA, lost her powers, regained them, lost her life's memories, and rejoined the JLA. Since issue 220, WW-2II has been shown; she was also the one involved with the Justice Society in their original adventures (when WW-2a as shown in the solo adventures). The occasional series of re-done reprints have been dreams of WW-1 -- which amazingly reflect the real adventures of WW-2a!

So there are three Wonder Woman. Are there more? This is practically a certainty. Let's look at panel 3, page 7 in All-Star 69:

"FINALLY the signal reaches to the heart of the AMERICAN SECURITY SYSTEM, as a gentle buzzing sound in MAJOR DIANA PRINCE'S earring. Her hearing picks up the sound, and it brings STRANGE MEMORIES with it -- thoughts of those who could EQUAL her awesome Amazon strength. After four decaedes in her adopted country's service, military intelligence has become the CENTER of her life... but will she still answer the call.[sic]"

Hm. What do we learn from this? It makes it pretty clear that Di Prince has retired from the super-hero game. Her appearance at all to the JSA was probably made necessary because the regular Wonder Woman was on a mission somewhere else. And yes, there has to be another WW on Earth-2, because she was seen only a short while ago in various JLA/JSA adventures, where she was never referred to as "Diana."

If there were to be a contest for Wonder Woman, who would win? Surely Mala, the Amazon who nearly beat Diana in the first contest for Wonder Woman... unless there were a new, more powerful Amazon around. This Amazon has been referred to as "Princess" and has dark hair. Borrowing from the TV show (as the Earth-2 WW should), this points definitely to Diana's younger sister Drusilla. On Earth-2 in the 1970's Dru Prince probably even works for the IADC and Steve Trevor, Jr., and wears her hair in a loose ponytail, another tie-in to her Earth-1 counterpart.

These Earth-2/TV Wonder Women raise some very interesting questions. Like why is Diana Prince still only a major? Why did Wonder Woman-2:Diana retire? Who did Steve marry to produce Steve Trevor, Jr.? How did Gen. Trevor die?

My opinion [extrapolation]: Steve Trevor, Sr. met someone he could relate to much easier than Wonder Woman. It could have been anyone from Etta Candy to the Harlequin (since I'm only considering major characters), but I prefer Merry Pemberton, the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks and sister to the Star-Spangled Kid. No mention was made of her in All-Star #71 when everyone talks about who got a chance to inherit the Pemberton fortune after Sylvester (S-S Kid) disappeaerd, so I assume that Merry might very well be dead.

The (by now) General Trevor and his wife went on a tour of military bases during the 60's without their son, Steve Jr. On the tour they were killed in some horrible way that only the general's assistant, Maj. Diana Price, could save them from. But the major was off on a mission as WW. Diana returend to find herself seriously demoted for her absence, and WW retired in shock. Thus she wasn't in the first JLA/JSA crossovers.

With the threat of atomic war constantly hanging over the globe, Queen Hippolyte and the gods decided that the world couldn't be without a Wonder Woman, and another contest was staged. Princess Drusilla won. She came to Man's World and joined the JSA in time for several team-ups with the JLA, including the one in JLA 100-102, in which she met her sisters's Earth-1 counterpart, the then-powerless Diana Prince. Recently (as Dru Prince) WW-2 has joined the IADC, working first with and then for Steve Trevor, Jr. Her increasing workload as the IADC's top field agent has forced her to go on reserve status with the JSA. When she's not available in extreme emergencies, she has asked sister Diana to take her place.

Got all that? Let's sum up continuity then:

pre-Code appearances......Wonder Woman of Earth-2a
current retellings of Golden Age WW adventures......WW-2II: Diana
post-Code '50's WW that are not blatantly out of continuity......WW-1
Wonder Girl adventures starting WW #105 (as long as she wears a plain tunic)......WG-1: Diana
the Wonder Family tales......Wonder Family-1
pseudo-Golden Age stories that start in issue 156......dreams of WW-1 (as established in issue 156)
then till WW #228, JLA, Super-Friends, et al......WW-1
WW #207-211......dreams of WW-1 caused by the memory chair
WW #222-242......WW-2II
appearances from the JSA in JLA team-ups......WW-2: Drusilla
Wonder Woman Spectacular......nobody I know
Teen Titans appearances......WG-1: Juno (Donna Troy)

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