Thumbs down!

All-time worst panel:
Wonder Woman #203

Nov-Dec 1972. Editor: Denny O'Neil. Writer: the famous Samuel R. Delany. Artist: Dick Giordano

Beautifully drawn, this issue otherwise stank to high heaven. Apparently Wonder Woman, who had been operating for DECADES in the outer world -- since before Superman as an adult made his debut -- yes, she who was the leading symbol of the Women's Movement... didn't know the first thing about it.

A preachy story introduced her to some problems that women face as a matter of course in the world. A young, buxom blonde (Cathy Perkins, Diana's college-student former employee in the boutique biz) makes it her job to educate Diana about the women's movement. In the meantime, Diana is wooed by Grandee, owner of a chain of women's clothing stores. Diana goes ga-ga to find that Grandee wants her to "wear our clothes, go to the best places, appear on Johnny Carson! Ooo, just like Millie the Model.

Cathy discovers that Grandee's uses American woman sweat-shop labor and tries to enlist Diana to help. Here's what she has to say about that:

"In most cases, I don't even like women!"

Truly the nadir of sixty years of Wonder Woman.

I've had people tell me, "I can't believe that Chip Delany would write something like that! After all, he's gay!" I'm not sure what that implies, other than the fact that Mr. Delany should be fairly liberal in his thinking (yet why are there so many Republican gays?)... but he sure missed the boat -- and the point of decades of Wonder ideology -- on this one.

OUT of continuity due to ideological viewpoint! I have spoken! (mutter mutter)

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