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Mike Sekowsky


Mike Sekowsky

The guy who gave us the Diana Prince era, the guy who wrote stories for a powerless woman that were more exciting than most stories for superheroes were. He reached out and grabbed, confiscating plots (and costumes) from other media and substituting Di into the role of protagonist. If he couldn't figure out a plot point, he fast-talked his way out of it so the reader was so dizzy they didn't have time to question. Over on his equally-fascinating stint on Supergirl, if he got into a jam he'd just come up with a new super-power for her to get over a plot bump, and then forget about it.

What the hey -- he was writing fast-paced comics. Make that fast-paced comics starring women. And he did a damned fine job.

His pencils may have been rough and all over the place, but with Giordano's machine-like inking they were absolutely perfect for Diana. He could tell a good, gritty story in both words and pictures.

This particular picture I found in Alter Ego #7, Winter 2001. Their cutline stated: "Mike Sekowsky with an obviously inspirational model in July 1969, during his time drawing (and even writing and editing) the costume-less 'mod' Wonder Woman. Who says comic book artists have it tough?"

When I went to ask permission of Scott Shaw! to use his photo on the website, he said, "I think that photo of Mike was a publicity shot that DC arranged. (On the other hand, if they didn't use it in that recent WONDER WOMAN book...) Frankly, I doubt if anyone up there knows the photo exists. I was given it by Mike's widow."

He went on to add about this site, "Have you included The Justa Lotta Animals' WONDER WABBIT from CAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW!?"

Hm. Refresh my memory. Captain Carrot was done by whom? Ah, no Wonder Wabbit here yet, Scott! Check back later and she might show up close to Dumb Bunny and DB's mom, Princess Power, not to be confused with Marvel's Power Princess or Bob Rodi's Princess Paragon or maybe even Junie B. Jones as Captain Field Day -- WW clones all.

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