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Strong women, strange worlds

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Kidnapped to the far side of galactic nowhere!

After small-town waitress Tam wakes up in a hospital, she discovers she’s living on a county-sized space station, located... somewhere. She's one of the few humans in a community made up of giant, sapient lizards and birds. Her primary mission now is to find the bastard who kidnapped her. Only he knows the way home.




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Forging ahead!

I know I can be picky in the details (there's a lot of Virgo energy in my chart, despite me being a Sag), but I swear to you, I will NEVER EVER AGAIN write four huge volumes of a book series and THEN go back to format a series bible. That bible contains EVERYTHING: Lon likes to rub his nose when he's thinking. The President of Obscure World #3 is Such-and-such. The en suite at Starhaven is entered by four different doors that lead... Lina's herd of cats is comprised of... and their personalities and mannerisms are... Accckkkk! I've been working on this for MONTHS – being in quarantine has helped (everyone here is healthy; hope the same goes for you) – and finally it's done, done, DONE! Let the villagers rejoice!

Now I can finish up Volume 5, which various people on Facebook volunteered votes on a name for. It'll be called MIND SHIFT, and it should be out somewhere at the beginning of 2021. 2021! Doesn't that sound good?! Not 2020 again! (Boy those astrologers [different ones] who've been telling me for the past six years that 2020 would be a year of chaos, were so right. It's all supposed to tear everything down so we can rebuild so very much better than before and set humanity on the right track.)

It helps that I'm utilizing the bit of extra time Quarantine affords to take a great course on tarot. The subplot in Mind Shift needed some oomph, so I'm using the tarot to flesh it out, make it start building to a thrilling level that you'll want to read more about in vols. 6 & 7. (This arc ends at 7, like the last one ended at volume 4. After that... [rubs hands evilly])

I've also been taking (choke) book marketing courses, so if you've signed up for my newsletter, you'll see it a little more often... and it might even hold something you'll want to read! Note: if you sign up for my newsletter you get a FREE copy of Touch of Danger. That button's somewhere around here... (And if you already have it and sign up, just send me a note and we'll work out another freebie.)

If you have the Kindle app and you've bought one of the Three Worlds books, you'll notice that it tells you there's an update. It's just a matter of hitting their button. Y'see, I used that series bible to suss out a few mistakes here and there, and everything should be corrected now. I didn't kill off anyone extra or anything! Oh yes, I also finally found a decent Jae (and Lon) in stock photos, so a couple covers were changed. If you see an old version online for sale, please drop me a line so I can fix it, K?

Whichever book you choose to read, whether it's mine or someone else's: Leave a comment somewhere. Write an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads if you can. It doesn't have to be longer than a sentence to count, and believe me: writers REALLY APPRECIATE reviews! Those Amazon algorithms like chewing on reviews, so please give them a good meal.

Stay safe, y'all! — Carol Strick

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