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Strong women, strange worlds

Now in Pre-release!

The Ultimate Guide
to Wonder Woman!

Up the patriarchy! Come read about Wonder Woman, Champion of the legendary Amazons, presented in an ever-so-slightly opinionated manner that will explain everything important about the lady starring in Those Movies and comics. She’s been around since 1941 and has seen a lot of changes through the years.




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2020 is behind us. Now it's up to us to forge ahead and make things better... together.

After too many years of paying too much attention and making too many notes about the Amazing Amazon, I've finally organized it all, added some scans of her adventures, tossed out a bunch of those since I don't want to attract the Ire of Time-Warner/AT&T, and formatted it all into a book. Christie Marston was kind enough to write a foreword for the thing, and here we are! It's published! 

Whichever book you choose to read in your leisure time, Dear Reader, whether it's mine or someone else's: Please leave a comment somewhere. Write an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads if you can. It doesn't have to be longer than a sentence to count, and believe me: writers REALLY APPRECIATE reviews! Those Amazon algorithms like chewing on reviews, so please give them a good meal.

Stay safe, y'all! — Carol Strick

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