Upcoming novels and projects

Next novel out will be

Applesauce and Moonbeams

A science fiction (can one have telepathy in an sf novel?) that concerns itself with the moon, a telepath (see above), a paid killer, the fashion police, an unfashionable artist, and a ginger cat. Plus a whole bunch of apples.

After that I'll get my rights back for

Touch of Danger

and re-release that awwl by myse'f.

Unfinished but working on the following manuscripts:

Nothing Personal

It's not a pleasant surprise to be kidnapped (and half-dissolved in the process!) to a space station on the other side of the universe. It's even worse when terrorists are threatening to destroy your new home and friends, and you can't figure out which side your kidnapper is on.

Lost in the Stars

Vol. 3 in the "Three Worlds" series. How do you blurb these things and not give away the ending to the previous volume? Lina's in big trouble and has to find a way out, but Londo is nowhere around to help. However, there is another big, sexy guy who might have enough chutzpah to do something. What it is he'd like to do might not be what Lina was asking for.

The Coin of Power

I'll try to sell this as a Wonder Woman novel. If I can't get permission, then WW, Donna Troy, the White Magician, and Micah Rains will all have to get new names and slightly different histories. Keep your fingers crossed that DC and its novel publishing partners smile upon me.